Accredited Cruise Counsellor

Accredited Cruise Counsellor (ACC)

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Certification requirements vary by year. The requirements below pertain to those who have registered for the certification in 2021. Please refer to your certification logbook if you’ve enrolled in previous years. 

In order to qualify for Accredited Cruise Counsellor (ACC) Certification, credits must be achieved as follows:

    Pre- and Post- requisites

    Enrollee must be an active CLIA Individual Agent Member (IAM) and maintain active membership during the certification completion period. Accredited Cruise Counsellor certification candidates have two years from the date of enrollment to complete the certification requirements and submit documentation per the logbook instructions. Once a CLIA IAM graduates with the ACC designation, the graduate must maintain active CLIA IAM status to maintain the certification. If there is a membership lapse, the IAM may have to pay a re-instatement fee after regaining active CLIA membership. 

    Mandatory Training – 40 credits in CLIA live or online courses/seminars evident by successfully passing the course exams/quizzes

    Elective Training – 80 credits received for any combination of the following:

    • CLIA live, online or virtual courses/seminars; or Professional Development Webisodes
    • Attendance at CLIA’s Cruise360 Conference (40 credits per badge for attendance) Cruise360 attendance can only be used once per certification level. If you have attended Cruise360 multiple times, you must use a different year for other designations.
    • Completion of a CLIA Certificate Program (50 credits)
    • Completion of Approved CLIA Cruise Line, Executive Partner or Industry Training Programs (up to 10 credits each, to reach 50 credits) (To verify if a program is approved visit the CLIA Industry Partner Training Page at cruising.org/Partner-Training or contact CLIA’s Professional Development Team at training@cruising.org)
    • Full attendance at a CLIA Live or Virtual Training event, not including Cruise360 (30 credits, one per designation)
    • Achievement of The Travel Institute’s CTA designation (10 credits)
    • Achievement of Association of Canadian Travel Agencies’ (ACTA) CTC designation (10 credits)

    Product Knowledge – Must complete all items

    • Ship Inspections (5 required, Not utilized for attainment of any other CLIA designation)
      • Live or CLIA provided virtual ship inspections
      • Cruise Line must be CLIA Global Cruise Line
      • May use same Global Cruise Line, but must be for different ships.
      • May include ship inspections from up to 3 years prior to enrollment date
    • Personal Cruise Experiences - Two cruises at least 2 nights in length
      • Must be on two (2) different CLIA Global Cruise Lines evident by providing an itinerary from each
      • Must be on separate product and destination itineraries (i.e. Alaska and Caribbean)
      • May include cruises from two (2) years prior to enrollment date
      • Must not be a completed cruise utilized to attain lower level CLIA certifications
      • May include similar itineraries that stop at different ports
    • Stateroom Sales
      • Twenty (20) staterooms booked/deposited through a current CLIA member travel agency during the two-year completion term following enrollment
      • May include bookings one (1) year prior to enrollment date
      • Must be a CLIA Cruise Line