Set sail with us and discover the variety of professions that exist on board a cruise ship

What is the
All Aboard! programme?

All Aboard! is an educational initiative that seeks to explain to pupils aged between 9 and 11 years the variety of professions that exist on board cruise ships through dynamic and interactive exercises.

This initiative seeks to share some of the principles that prevail in life on board such as tolerance, diversity, respect for different cultures, teamwork, environmental protection…

After conducting the pilot sessions in Palma (Spain), the project will explore new seas to dock in educational centers located in coastal cities around the world.

Why participate in this programme?

Did you know that more than 2000 crew members can work on board a cruise ship and that there can be more than 400 different jobs?

Or did you know that 94 % of women seafarers work in the cruise industry?

All Aboard! wants to deep dive into these questions and many more, and, what’s more, it aims to open a window to a new world to the participants so they learn about the wide variety of professions that they might wish to consider in future.

In short, the purpose of this project is to inspire and to stimulate children’s curiosity to discover more about the various career opportunities supported by the industry.


The All Aboard! programme is based on role-play methodology and constant interaction between the pupils; they discover and learn in a creative way, immersed in the exercise.

Under the guidance of an industry facilitator and with the teachers’ support, students will spend one hour ‘on board’ a cruise ship, finding out the different careers that exist on board.

Working in pairs, children will present one job and explain to their classmates what it involves, as well as some fun facts. This way, the class will find out what are the responsibilities of a captain or the environmental officer; how many people work on the kitchen team; how many nationalities can live together on board a cruise ship…. and much more!

  • Approach to different job opportunities on board.
  • Reinforcement of universal values and principles.
  • Learning through a game.



How much does the programme cost?

It is free.

How many students can attend each session?

Each session is designed for around 25 students. However, if necessary, more than one session could be organized to cover all the students belonging to the same grade.

Where are the sessions held?

The sessions are held in the school facilities: the industry facilitator will go there, bringing with him / her all the needed materials to conduct the session.

What is needed to carry out the activity?

The only requirement is a classroom equipped with tables, chairs, and a blackboard. Ideally, the classroom should be different from the one used for the regular classes to facilitate preparation of the session.

Which criteria are followed to choose the schools?

All schools can enjoy this programme! 😊

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