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Whether you are just starting out as a cruise-focused travel professional, or you are like me and have been in the business for nearly 30 years—or you are at any point in your career—your decision to join the world’s largest cruise industry trade association is an important one, signifying your commitment to marketing and selling the fastest growing category of leisure travel… CRUISING!

As a current CLIA member, you are visible to CLIA Global Ocean-going Cruise Line Members and River Marketing Affiliates, companies who want to know which travel advisors are dedicated to their own professional development and sales success. The more you take advantage of all the educational opportunities offered by your CLIA membership, the more you will be noticed by our cruise lines.

Your CLIA membership*, along with your CLIA Professional Development activity and CLIA Certification achievements, distinguish and elevate you in a field of more than 150,000 travel advisors in the United States and Canada. CLIA’s gold-standard training and professional development curriculum, along with our highly effective sales tools and marketing resources, give you the credibility and competitive advantage you need to stand out in the sea of sameness that is today’s market.

Once you have completed your membership application and been approved by your agency, please check out the “My CLIA” membership portal and learn all you can about CLIA member benefits, designed to help make you money and save you money. That is what CLIA membership is all about… adding to your bottom line.

Thousands of CLIA members successfully use their member benefits, every year, to recoup their annual dues and earn hundreds of dollars in additional income by redeeming CLIA Cruise Line Bonus Commission coupons. Remember, if you are using your CLIA membership properly, it will pay you back and then some!

Also, please learn more about all our other work to serve the CLIA cruise community in the areas of Government Affairs (advocacy and influence); Maritime Policy (innovation and leadership); Marketing and Strategic Communications (reputation and trust); and Research and Analytics (insights and credibility). Your CLIA membership includes so much more than what it seems at face value.

On behalf of the entire CLIA North America Travel Trade Membership team, thank you for being a 2022 member. Your annual membership and loyal support mean the world to us, and it is our privilege to serve you.

With best wishes,

Charles Sylvia, ECC

Vice President, Industry & Trade Relations

*Your agency’s CLIA membership does not mean you are a member; each membership is stand-alone. Please click the link and join or renew, today. Thank you.


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