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To join or renew for the 2022 membership year, please check back in October for Travel Agency Membership and November for Individual Agent Membership. If you have any questions about CLIA Membership, please refer to our Membership FAQs or contact one of our Membership Specialists at or 202.759.9370.


Welcome to the “Travel Agent  Center” page of the CLIA website… your very own gangway to get on board and be part of the global cruise industry trade association!

The cruise industry sees you and is grateful for your commitment to being the best trained, most professional seller of cruise travel you can be. It all begins here, with CLIA membership, providing you access to the gold standard in cruise industry educational content.

You will be in good company as you set sail on your CLIA journey. More than 44,900 travel agency owners and individual agents were part of CLIA in 2020, and an equally impressive member roster is expected in 2021. Our members tell us the number one reason they join CLIA and renew, every year, is the credibility that comes with being a current, credentialed member.

Our members also join CLIA to access exclusive benefits designed for them to make money and save money. More than $3000-worth of CLIA Cruise Line Bonus Commissions are provided to not only help you recoup your annual dues, but to provide the opportunity for you to optimize your commission revenue on bookings with our Global Ocean-going Cruise Line Members and River Cruise Operators. Additionally, our ever-growing Affinity Program and Hotel Partnership Program provide you with discounts and special considerations with leading brands for purchases of goods and services, as well as hotel commission opportunities, discounts, and upgrades (subject to availability).

Lastly, and most importantly, your membership affords you access to CLIA Professional Development, the definitive source for the most current and relevant cruise industry training available. When you are part of CLIA as a member, you can choose to take your career to the next level by pursuing and achieving CLIA Certification, the only official cruise industry certification in existence. You can use your CLIA Certification as a competitive advantage to win more business. In fact, CLIA-certified travel agents sell 261 percent of the cruise sales volume of non-certified agents… more than two-and-a-half times more business!

On behalf of the entire CLIA North America Travel Trade Membership Team, thank you for joining or renewing. Your current and active membership with CLIA means the world to us—you and your success mean the world to us—and we are privileged to serve you.

Here’s to a successful 2021 for ourselves and our industry!


Charles Sylvia, ECC

Vice President, Industry & Trade Relations


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