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About CLIA

CLIA is the world's largest cruise industry trade association, providing a unified voice and leading authority of the global cruise community. On behalf of its members, affiliates, and partners, the organization supports policies and practices that foster a secure, healthy, and sustainable cruise ship environment, promoting positive travel experiences for the more than 30 million passengers who have cruised annually. The CLIA community includes the world's most prestigious ocean, river, and specialty cruise lines; a highly trained and certified travel agent community; and widespread industry stakeholders, including ports & destinations, ship development, suppliers, and business services. CLIA represents 95% of the world’s ocean-going cruise capacity, as well as 54,000 travel agents, and 15,000 of the largest travel agencies in the world.

The organization's global headquarters are in Washington, DC, with regional offices located in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australasia.

CLIA’s Mission:

  • CLIA is the global organization that fosters our members' success by advocating, educating and promoting the common interests of the cruise community.
  • CLIA represents the interests of the cruise industry community.
  • 50+ Cruise Lines – From ocean to specialty cruise ships, CLIA lines represent more than 95 percent of global cruise capacity.
  • 350+ Executive Partner Members – As key suppliers and partners to the cruise lines, executive partners play a major role in the successful operation of cruising, including ports & destinations, ship development, suppliers and business services.
  • 13,000 Global Travel Agency and 50,000 Travel Agent Members – Our travel agency members include the largest agencies, hosts, franchises and consortia in the world.
  • CLIA Cruise Lines serve nearly 30 million passengers annually.

Global Reach: 7 Regions Around the World

  • CLIA Australasia

    Suite 1, Level 9, 132 Arthur Street
    North Sydney NSW 2060
    Tel: +61 2 9964 9600
    [email protected]

  • CLIA Asia

    Suite 1, Level 9, 132 Arthur Street
    North Sydney NSW 2060
    Tel: +61 2 9964 9600
    [email protected]

  • CLIA Brazil

    Alameda Lorena, 800 conjunto 401
    São Paulo – SP – Cep. 01424-001
    Tel. (11) 3337-5000
    [email protected]

  • CLIA Europe (Belgium)

    Rue du Trône 60, Brussels 1050
    Tel. +32 (0)2 709 01 31
    [email protected]

  • CLIA UK & Ireland

    CLIA UK & Ireland
    75 King William Street
    London, EC4N 7BE
    [email protected]

  • CLIA North America

    1201 F Street NW, Suite 250
    Washington, DC 20004
    Tel. (202) 759-9370
    [email protected]

  • CLIA Northwest & Canada

    Tel. 604-681-9515
    Travel Agent Inquiries: (202) 759-9370

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