Join the new CLIA RiverView Program!

We are delighted to be launching the brand-new River View Program, recognising the huge growth in popularity for river cruise in the past few years, and reflecting our investment in a new Certificate Program and new resources.

The Program is charged at £32.00 + VAT per person, which includes:

  • Membership of the Program - you are invited to promote your exclusive membership of the scheme
  • Access to two new in-depth training courses (Certificate Program)
  • Additional River Cruising resources will be available for you to access via your login at


The new Certificate Program can be found within the Learning Academy’s Product Catalogue, by selecting RiverView Program from the drop-down filter

Click here to for a direct link to login and enrol on the RiverView Program.

New Certificate Program

Following enrolment, the new Training will appear automatically in your "My Training" page. The new Certificate Program is made up of two new courses, and due to length, each has been broken down into a number of modules, to make it more manageable to work your way through.

European River Cruising

  • Part 1: History, The River cruise market, Trends, Cross-selling, Sales advice & FAQs
  • Part 2: Selling European Rivers

Worldwide River Cruising

  • Part 1: The Mekong, Yangtze & Nile 
  • Part 2: The Americas (Mississippi, Columbia & Snake Rivers, Amazon) 
  • Part 3: Indian Rivers (Ganges & Brahmaputra), Irrawaddy, Chobe & Zambezi and Red River

For any enquiries about the Program, please contact us via

Looking for more information?

View the PDF Guide on Travel Agent Membership of the RiverView Program.

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