Making The Most of CLIA Membership

CLIA UK & Ireland is here to help cut through the cruise information, terminology, trends and opportunities - and to give you the support to help you grow your cruise business. CLIA provides the official industry training and certification; we create and share unique resources; and we have a full calendar of inspiring events to support the travel agent community.




Step One: Activate your individual profile at

As a first step we encourage all agents to activate their individual profile to access the training and resources available at There is no cost to activate your individual profile - the only requirement is that you are working at a Travel Agency with active CLIA membership or have paid for Homeworker membership yourself. YOU CAN ACTIVATE YOUR PROFILE HERE.


The cruise industry is always evolving and in order to give your customers the best advice, you can remain informed of the latest news, developments and innovations through your CLIA membership. CLIA is here with a selection of resources and tools that we recommend you keep close at hand to keep yourself updated.

It needs your time and commitment, so why not schedule some time each week or even each day so that you can top up your knowledge. Your membership gives you the best opportunities to remain informed – and here are some suggestions to do just that:

  • Check-in regularly to our Cruise Daily page for news, analysis & opportunities

  • Get started with our New-to-Cruise Agent Resources

  • Browse our Destination Factsheet series

  • Take some time to keep up to date with the latest industry news

  • Browse the “Cruise & Ship Search”

  • Download your copy of the Member-only Cruise Guide

  • Member agents receive our weekly eNewsletters

  • Stream past episodes of the CLIA Podcasts

  • Cruise Daily
  • New-to-Cruise Agent Resources
  • Destination Factsheet Series
  • Cruise Trade Publications
  • Cruise & Ship Search
  • Annual Member-only Cruise Guide
  • Weekly Member-only eNewsletter
  • Podcasts


With the variety of product and destinations available to your customers, it is vital that you make use of the training available to you. Whether developed by CLIA, a cruise line, or by our partners, there are many ways in which you can utilise your CLIA membership to educate yourself about the cruise sales process, about cruise terminology, destinations and trends. 

Here are some things you can do to be educated:

  • Work through CLIA Destination and Sales training

  • Work towards achieving a CLIA Certification

  • Register for cruise line training

  • Watch cruise video content from CLIA and our cruise lines

  • Join CLIA virtual training

  • Work towards #RiverCruiseExpert status with our new River Cruise Program

  • Get the best advice directly from cruise industry leaders via the CLIA Trade Engagement Action Group

  • CLIA Destination & Sales Training
  • CLIA Certifications
  • Cruise Line Training
  • OnDemand
  • CLIA Virtual Training
  • RiverView Program
  • Contact the CLIA Trade Engagement Action Group


Whilst keeping yourself informed of the latest developments, don’t forget that you are selling a fantastic holiday experience – cruise holidays are the best way to see the world, and there are plenty of ways that these holidays can be showcased to inspire you, and your customers. Through our events and activity across social platforms, we hope to inspire you about the incredible industry you support.

Here are our suggestions in this area:

  • Attend CLIA events to network and experience different brands

  • Attend industry events to engage with the wider cruise community

  • Follow CLIA on social media

  • Make contact with CLIA cruise lines and river cruise operators, and engage with their social media channels

  • Get inspired by peer-written “Cruising with Confidence” blogs

  • Participate in the annual Cruise Week campaign

  • CLIA Events
  • Industry Events
  • CLIA Social Media
  • Brand Profiles & Trade Contacts
  • Cruising with Confidence
  • Cruise Week