As the international cruise community came together at Seatrade in Miami after two years, we're bringing you a series of interviews with cruise industry leaders where they share valuable insights into their cruise priorities now and for the future, as well as major industry announcements.


If you’ve ever wanted to hear more about Maritime UK this episode is your perfect chance as Andy Harmer speaks to their Chief Executive, Ben Murray at Maritime UK about his journey into the maritime industry. He tells us more about the vast range of activity undertaken by Maritime UK, and how they work with partners and throughout maritime. He also shares more about the upcoming events and resources available throughout this month’s Maritime UK week.

CLIA River View Podcast · Ben Murray(Chief Executive at Maritime UK)


Naidah Yazdani Asia Director for Compagnie Fluviale du Mekong talks to Andy Harmer to explain the history of their relationship with CroisiEurope and their operations in Asia. Living in Cambodia he tells more about the warmth and hospitality visitors can look forward to experiencing during their Mekong cruise. Tourists will see the vast contrasts for those in the vibrant cities in comparison with the more remote locations that their small ship sizes allow access to. He also shares popular addons pre or post cruise for those looking to explore more of Asia.

CLIA River View Podcast · Talking Mekong River Cruises with Compagnie Fluviale du Mekong CrosiEurope