Travel Agent Executive (TAE)

Travel Agency Executive (TAE)

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Certification requirements vary by year. The requirements below pertain to those who have registered for the certification in 2022 and beyond. Please refer to your Certification Logbook if you’ve enrolled in previous years.

The Travel Agency Executive (TAE) Certification is for management-level, travel agency professionals with a current CLIA Affiliate Agency who are may or may not also be full-time selling travel agents. This certification is for people in the role of executive, director, accounting manager, marketing manager, ecommerce manager, or someone who works in a leadership capacity.

Pre- and Post- requisites

Enrollee must be an executive, director, accounting manager, marketing manager, ecommerce manager, or someone who works in a leadership capacity but does not only function as a fulltime selling travel agent with a current CLIA Premier or Travel Agency Member. Travel Agency Executive certification candidates have two (2) years from the date of enrollment to complete the certification requirements and submit documentation per the Logbook instructions. Once a CLIA IAM graduates with the TAE designation, the graduate must renew CLIA Individual Agent Membership to maintain the certification.

Madatory Training

Must complete and pass the quiz for each of the following courses live or online:

  • Marketing 101: Developing Your Marketing Strategy
  • Public Relations 101: Public Relations Basics for Your Cruises
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Effective Cruise Presentations 101: Skills
  • Better Listening Skills for Better Business
  • Building Client Loyalty
  • Cruise Industry Leadership 501
  • Cruise Industry Leadership 601

Elective Training

Must complete one (1) of the following requirements:

  • Any three (3) additional CLIA online courses and live seminars evident by successfully passing the course quizzes
  • The achievement of the Travel Institute’s CTC, or CTIE designations
  • The Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA) CTC designation
  • If member has an undergraduate or graduate degree in business or related field, elective requirement is waived. Please submit copy of enrollee’s unofficial transcript from college or university with degree confirmation

Product Knowledge

Two (2) Personal Cruise Experiences

  • Two cruises of 2+ nights
  • Must be a CLIA Global Cruise Line Member
  • May include cruises from two (2) years prior to enrollment date
  • Must be on two (2) different CLIA Global Cruise Lines
  • Must be on two (2) different product and destination itineraries (i.e. Alaska and Caribbean)
    • May include similar itineraries that stop at different ports
  • Must be completed cruises that have not been used for the attainment of any other CLIA certification level