CLIA Cruise Week

From 20-24 September we ran a week of trade-specific activities providing updated information to our CLIA travel agents.

We also posted daily content across our social media channels focusing on the themes of:

  • Shore excursions and destinations
  • Entertainment and families
  • Dining
  • Onboard Accommodation
  • New ships for 2022

You can search our content or find out how our agents got involved using #CLIACruiseWeek.

In addition, we published a series of articles by prominent cruise journalists directly sharing their experience of being back on board and cruising after such a long break.

Read their articles below.

Guest Articles

Keep checking this section for new articles every week.

Glitz, glamour and plenty of joie de vivre

By Jane Archer

‘It is so good to be back.’ The words were spoken with feeling by Izzy, my wonderful butler on Celebrity Apex, but frankly they could have come out of the mouths of any ...
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As silver linings go, that has to be the most precious one of all

By Sara Macefield

The cobalt sea sparkles enticingly in the sunlight, broken only by a scattering of rugged emerald islands and a pod of dolphins speeding through the waves...
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To coin Rod Stewart’s famous song, I am sailing

By Jeannine Williamson

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your cruise director Gene speaking, we are sailing and we are so proud to say we are back.” After the announcement the sound of cheering...
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Cruising is buoyed up by a new wave of optimism

By Dave Monk

Boarding a ship again this year was an emotional moment - especially when I stepped into the atrium to the sight and sound of crew welcoming me back to the sea.
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