Professional Development

CLIA offers the only cruise industry certification scheme for travel agents in Europe. Every individual can follow their own e-learning path and gain a cruise certification.

There are three levels of certification available to agents. They must be completed in sequential order, with agents working their way through the Introduction to Cruise Sales, then achieving Ambassador status and finally holding the Master Certification with us.

The requirements of each level will differ, and include both online and offline activity, including:

  • Required Online Modules(Compulsory)
  • Elective Online Modules (Select courses from a variety of options)
  • Ship Visits
  • Personal Cruise Experience
  • Upload of Original Content

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Estimated Completion Time: 5 hours
  • Module 1: The Foundation of Cruise Sales
  • Module 2: Creating Options for Your Clients
  • Module 3: Recommending and Closing the Sale
  • Module 4: Becoming a Cruise Specialist
  • Module 5: Assessment

AMBASSADOR certification

Estimated completion time: 10 hours
  • Elective online modules: learners must choose 10 modules to complete from the 27 destination and specialist modules available
  • Ship visits: learners will be required to register three ship visits to CLIA cruise line ships they have made

MASTER certification

Estimated completion time: 20 hours
  • Elective online modules: learners must choose an additional 15 modules to complete from the remaining 17 destination and specialist modules available.
  • Personal cruise experience: learners will be required to register one cruise holiday(a minimum of 5 nights) aboard a CLIA cruise line ship that they have taken.
  • Upload of original content: learners will be asked to upload a short cruise-inspired blog, entitled “my greatest journey ”. we suggest a minimum word count of 300 words. the piece can focus on a particular port of call, an activity enjoyed onboard the ship or a particular excursion.

We are proud to list our current CLIA UK & Ireland masters who have either achieved or maintained their master certification a head of the move to We aim to update this list quarterly, with the next update due 1st October.

Annual Refresher Courses

Once achieved, we ask that you complete an annual refresher course with us in order to maintain your status level. the refresher course is written each year to ensure you receive a timely update on the latest statistics, trends and innovations of the industry. the refresher course will be available to complete from 1st January each year, ensuring that on its successful completion, you can proudly promote your CLIA certification status for the full 12 months.

Please note that the course will only be available to you on 1st January provided the agency you are affiliated with has completed their agency membership payment for the new year.

  • Has my previous certification been carried over from
  • What verification do you require for recording the ship visits and cruises I have taken?
  • Destination Modules
  • Specialist Modules