CLIA North West & Canada

Safety and Environment

Cruise lines at the forefront of environmental technology 

Built on a business model that delivers vacation experiences in pristine settings, the cruise industry takes very seriously its commitment to environmental stewardship. Some representative examples of energy efficiency innovations that some CLIA Cruise Line Members have introduced into their fleets include:

  • Shore-power plug-in systems in Juneau, Vancouver & Seattle that allow ships to “plug in” while in port, reducing air emissions 
  • Smokeless, gas turbine engines that recycle exhaust gases and reduce pollution
  • Cleaner burning, low sulfur fuels that reduce smokestack emissions
  • Advanced wastewater purification systems
  • Washington MOU
  • Use of LED lighting that lasts 25 times longer and uses 80 percent less energy
  • Special paint coatings for ship hulls that can reduce fuel consumption by up to 5 percent
  • Solar panels that can capture clean energy for shipboard use – one example, strategic use of solar panels generates enough power to operate approximately 7,000 LED lights
  • Installation of tinted windows, higher efficiency appliances and HVAC systems and windows that capture and recycle heat resulting in the use of less air conditioning
  • Reuse of engine waste heat
  • Optimized itineraries affecting speed, routes and distances traveled to significantly reduce fuel consumption

Cruise – one of the safest ways to travel

No vacation comes close to cruising as a safe and reliable way to travel. The cruise industry is fully involved in continuous development of best practices when it comes to the safety, security and health of everyone on board a ship – guests and crewmembers alike.

Safety is woven into every aspect of the cruising experience, from innovative ship design and strict regulations and industry policies, to thorough safety drills for guests and crew and continual crewmember training. You’ll be hard pressed to find any other industry as vigilant as the cruise industry when it comes to the wellbeing of its guests.

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