Destination Stewardship

The cruise industry has always been a leader in responsible tourism, including its demonstrated commitment to environmental protection, being stewards of the places we visit, providing rewarding career opportunities, and above all, to the health and safety of guests and crew.

CLIA’s Global Maritime Policy and Government Affairs Teams coordinate the collaborative work of CLIA Cruise Lines on key maritime policy and legislative matters that impact the cruise industry, engaging with professionals across the maritime sector as well as international, national and local governmental bodies and non-governmental organizations. CLIA leads efforts to educate policymakers and develop policies and practices, advocating for a sustainable cruise industry environment.

Destination stewardship

One of the key ingredients for responsible tourism is destination stewardship. We partner with city authorities, ports, and other organizations on sustainable tourism initiatives to help preserve the integrity, cultural heritage, and beauty of the world’s most treasured destinations. We share a common vision to capture the social and economic benefits of tourism for residents while safeguarding the long-term sustainability of the cruise destination for future generations.

Our experience of working with a variety of cruise destinations informs us that each has its own unique combination of factors. At CLIA we partner with many respected third parties and industry bodies such as the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), that can help port cities analyze how to manage tourism flows and map out a road map for a sustainable future.


In conversation with Randy Durband,
CEO of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council

Randy Durband, CEO of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) offers an overview of the GSTC approach towards destination assessments and talks about the GSTC assessment of the city of Dubrovnik, published in July 2020.
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Dubrovnik as a model for responsible tourism

Featuring UNESCO-designated natural and historic sites, the city of Dubrovnik is world-renowned for the richness of its historical, architectural, and cultural experiences. As tourism to Dubrovnik continued to grow in recent years, the city found itself at a crossroads, and needing to decide which path to choose.
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