Latest Sustainability News | October 13, 2023

Charting the Future of Sustainable Cruise Travel

I'm pleased to share with you a new CLIA publication Charting the Future of Sustainable Cruise Travel, which outlines how the cruise industry is working towards achieving its sustainability commitments.

Key areas of focus among CLIA member lines include climate action, sustainable tourism, conservation, diversity, and inclusion. "Charting the future of sustainable cruise travel" explores the many ways in which cruise lines are investing in new technologies, processes, and practices to drive progress across these focus areas. Topics covered include pursuing fuel flexibility by investing in propulsion technologies with conversion capabilities for the future; reducing emissions while at berth and at sea; investing in advanced environmental technologies onboard; partnering with cities and ports on sustainable destination management.

The new paper includes the latest data and statistics sourced from CLIA's annual environmental report, supported by multiple examples and case studies of activities undertaken by CLIA member cruise lines. For example, the CLIA member fleet each year becomes more efficient embracing new technologies and, as available, the uptake of sustainable alternative fuels. Cruise lines are implementing processes to scale up the use of advanced biofuels, green methanol, and synthetic fuels. They are also deploying new sustainable energy sources such as electric batteries, hydrogen fuel cells, and even wind and solar to reduce significantly their environmental footprint. To reduce emissions in port, 120 CLIA member cruise line ships today are capable of plugging into shoreside electricity, where available.

The cruise industry is working to be the best way to travel responsibly. The paper shines a light on the positive impact of our industry on port communities, as well as life on board for a workforce that hails from 150 nationalities around the world. For example, cruise companies collaborate with destinations, ports, and other organizations around the world to embed sustainable practices such as managing traffic flows, supporting local community initiatives, and educating cruise passengers to be culturally sensitive, and more environmentally aware.

CLIA is proud of its members' work in supporting various recognized international goals, including many of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), designed to help protect the planet for future generations. The paper identifies which SDGs to which the industry is contributing and can make a difference.