Latest Sustainability News | September 08, 2023

Amadeus River Cruises plans new generation of passenger ships with introduction of Amadeus Nova

Amadeus River Cruises has announced that it is planning a new generation of passenger ships and embarking on a new chapter in premium river cruising with the introduction of Amadeus Nova on the Rhine and Danube in spring 2024.

Amadeus Nova will combine luxurious facilities, modern design, and innovative shipping technology that will set new environmental protection standards on rivers and create a new generation of passenger ships.

The new vessel is equipped with a hybrid diesel-electric drive and a powerful battery that ensures maximum engine power. The latest generation engines not only significantly reduce emissions but also almost completely eliminate the emission of pollutants thanks to in-house developed filters and catalysts. Moreover, solar panels feed electric energy into the ship's circuit. The ship also features innovative heat recovery systems that make the heat from the electric engine room and public areas reusable. Highly insulated glass minimizes heat loss in winter and heat penetration through windows and glazed areas in summer. Additionally, the use of autonomous control and positioning systems, as well as a semi-autonomous cruising option that aids the captain and increases safety and fuel efficiency are trend-setting changes.

Wolfgang Lüftner, founder and managing director, comments: "Amadeus Nova is our response to the question of whether you can combine ship comfort with environmental awareness. With the new generation, we want to offer the most progressive and environmentally-friendly technology currently available. Thus, Amadeus Nova truly reflects our commitment to sustainable travel. The ship maintains all the characteristics for which the Amadeus fleet is famous and offers customers a new style of luxury cruising."

Amadeus Nova has four decks, 12 spacious suites (approximately 26.40 m²) with balconies, 67 exterior cabins (approximately 17.50 m² in size and mainly with panoramic windows which can be lowered), elegant wind-protected lounge areas, an open Café Vienna, spa and fitness areas, and a heated pool on the sun deck. The ship creates a truly exclusive five-star river cruise experience. The ship's construction resembles that of Amadeus Riva and Amadeus Cara, both of which have generated high customer satisfaction.