Master Certification


Master Certification

Enrollee must have an activated individual profile and remain in active membership during the certification completion period.

Elective Online Modules : Learners must choose an additional 15 modules to complete from the remaining 17 destination and specialist modules available.

Personal Cruise Experience : Learners will be required to register one cruise holiday (a minimum of 5 nights) aboard a CLIA cruise line ship that they have taken.

Upload of Original Content : Learners will be asked to upload a short cruise-inspired blog, that we can add to our "Cruising with Confidence" page. You can read existing Rather than a full review of a cruise, we would like you to focus on a particular element of the cruise experience that you think deserves a mention. Approximately 500 words or less would be perfect. Whether it was the dining options, entertainment, the destination experience, onboard activities, the welcome of the crew, your stateroom. Feel free to name the cruise line and ship, along with your cruise itinerary.


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