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Terms and Conditions

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Membership Categories
All membership categories offer the same membership benefits - the categories are dependent on how many individuals you have within your business, as the number of Individual Agent Memberships (IAMs) you will be able to create through your membership will differ.

Standard membership applies to any agency with a physical business address – including both High Street agencies or larger Call-centre style business premises. Your agency will be assigned a CLIA Agency ID Number and your membership will allow up to 10 Individual Agent Memberships (IAMs) to be created to access our online platform, cruising.org.

If your agency is a member of a consortia group, a discounted rate is available, subject to confirmation.

Homeworker Membership applies to any agency based at home, with no separate business address. Your Homeworker Agency will be assigned a CLIA Agency ID Number and your membership will allow up to 2 Individual Agent Memberships (IAMs) to be created to access our online platform, cruising.org

  • Standard Membership for 2020 costs £312.50 + VAT / 210,00 € + VAT
  • Homeworker Membership for 2020 costs £130 + VAT / 80,00 € + VAT
  • Should you be looking to enrol a larger group of travel agencies under one trading name, we would welcome you to get in touch for a discounted group rate. Please request this in writing to us.

    The Agency Membership process is automated and following payment you should receive an email to confirm your newly issued CLIA Agency ID Number. We then encourage you and your colleagues to make use of the available Individual Agent Memberships (IAMs) included within your Membership. Full details of this can be found here.

    Please note that if you requested an invoice, we would ask you to send remittance advice on email to [email protected] following payment. Your account will then be activated manually and we will advise when it is possible to proceed with Individual Agent Memberships (IAMs).

    New Agencies will receive a digital Welcome pack, containing important information to ensure they can make the most of all CLIA membership benefits. This includes the Travel Agency Membership Guide and a Membership Certificate.

    Membership Periods

    Membership runs from 1st January for 12 months, so new Agency memberships made throughout the year will be subject to pro-rata membership terms to bring you in line with this.

  • New membership applications from 1st April onwards each year will be eligible for a 25% discount on the 12 month rate.
  • New membership applications from 1st July onwards each year will be eligible for a 50% discount on the 12 month rate.
  • Renewals of Membership

    All Member Agencies will be invited to complete their Renewal payment online at cruising.org in early November. Renewal invoices will no longer be issued. Full instructions will be shared with your Agency’s nominated Key Contact, who can easily login at cruising.org, and follow online prompts to complete the Renewal payment for your Agency.

    Prompt payment allows you and your colleagues to transition seamlessly into a new membership year, without interruption to your cruising.org online platform access. Individual Agent Memberships (IAMs) will also need to be renewed annually following the renewal of your Agency. Completion of both Renewals ensures that any individuals holding an accreditation level will be able to access the Refresher Course from 01 January, and maintain their accreditation level for the year ahead.

    Access to the online platform and your ability to attend CLIA member events will be denied from the 1st January of the new year, should payment not have been received by this date.

    These access privileges will be re-instated on receipt of payment. No refunds nor a reduced renewal invoice will be issued for periods of restricted online/event access due to late payment. The full invoice amount for your 12-month membership remains valid.

    Additional Individual Agent Memberships (IAMs)

    We understand that some agencies with larger teams may require more than the 10 Individual Agent Memberships (IAMs) extended to the Standard Membership category. The application form offers the opportunity for those applying as a Standard Member to opt for additional Individual Agent Memberships (IAMs).

  • Standard Membership (Plus) 10 - 20 IAMs: Membership Fee + 50% of Standard Membership
  • Standard Membership (Plus) 21 - 39 IAMs: Membership Fee + 100% of Standard Membership
  • Standard Membership (Plus) 40 - 100 IAMs: Membership Fee + 200% of Standard Membership
  • Anyone opting for Homeworker Membership wishing to add more Individual Agent Memberships (IAMs) than the 2 included, should join at the Full Membership rate.

    Event Attendance and Behaviour

    Your membership must be fully up-to-date at the time of event booking, and over the dates of the full event.

    Confirmation and joining instructions for events will be sent out approximately one to two weeks prior to the event.

    If an additional fee was paid for attendance, no refunds will be given for either cancellation or a no-show on the day.

    Professional and courteous behaviour is insisted upon whenever interacting with the CLIA team and other CLIA members when at a CLIA event and this includes online correspondence, including social media platforms. Failure to do so may result in having your CLIA membership cancelled without refund of any months of membership already paid for.

    CLIA Brand

    CLIA branding can only be used by members with the express permission of CLIA, and we reserve the right to ask you to remove CLIA branding without notice when in conflict with CLIA branding guidelines or terms and conditions.

    Cancellation of Membership and Refund Policy

    Should you wish to cancel your CLIA Agency Membership at any point during the pre-paid 12 months of membership, no refunds are applicable unless the below cancellation terms as specified in the Refund Policy are met.

    Refund Policy
    Should any applicant for CLIA Agency Membership realise that it is not appropriate for their business and wish to receive a refund, please apply in writing to us within 14 days of receiving your membership details.

    Membership of CLIA is subject to the ultimate approval of the CLIA Executive Committee and can be terminated by CLIA without notice and without refund. CLIA reserves the right to refuse your access to the cruising.org platform should your account fall into arrears. Should you not inform CLIA of your desire to cancel then CLIA reserves the right to request payments for the months unpaid without confirmation of your cancellation.

    Data and Privacy Policy

    Travel Agency Members are required to update CLIA whenever details change; such as address, contact names and email addresses.

    In accordance with your regional Terms and Conditions of membership, CLIA is committed to protecting your data subject to our global Privacy Policy which can be viewed at https://cruising.org/privacy-policy

    Please note that, unless requested otherwise in writing to us, email addresses used to register for Agency Membership, Individual Agent Memberships (IAMs) and Event attendance registrations will be added to the CLIA marketing database to receive eNewsletters. Contact details may also be shared occasionally with third parties relevant to your membership. The eNewsletter will always have an Unsubscribe option available.

    CLIA Agency Finder

    Please note that CLIA are currently unable to provide the benefit of a listing within the “Agency Finder” for any agency whose business address is located outside of the named country of the CLIA region