Latest Sustainability News | August 02, 2023

Monty Halls' Generation Sea Change launches YouTube channel, shining a spotlight on coastal conservation projects

Renowned adventurer, broadcaster, and biologist, Monty Halls, is thrilled to announce the launch of his first film on YouTube, as part of the Generation Sea Change project (July 28). The initiative aims to highlight the positive impact people are making on the marine environment through their own conservation projects, with a particular focus on coastal conservation efforts.

Embarking on a three-month voyage with his family around the South West Coast of England, Monty Halls is determined to showcase the remarkable work of conservation heroes and coastal communities as they tackle the myriad of challenges facing our marine ecosystems and explore potential solutions.

The debut film, the first in a series, delves into the significant issue of microplastics. It sheds light on inspiring local initiatives that have a positive effect on the marine environment. Monty and his team passionately advocate for the idea that even small-scale actions can make a substantial difference in the fight against marine degradation.

Currently anchored in Falmouth, their project vessel - Sobek - is actively engaging with several ground-breaking projects in Cornwall.

"We've only been going for a couple of weeks really," remarked Halls. "And it's taken us aback just how many projects are out there. During our time sailing along the coast of South Devon, we encountered local initiatives that are genuinely effective. It's hugely inspiring watching local people take matters into their own hands. It's an uprising, a revolution in a way, as motivated groups have got stuck into local marine issues using their own time and resources."

The Generation Sea Change project doesn't merely aim to inspire current conservation efforts; it also seeks to engage and motivate the next generation. Monty recently had the opportunity to speak to a sailing group in Plymouth that introduces over a thousand underprivileged and disabled kids to the ocean each year. The project's target audience includes those who may feel powerless in the face of environmental challenges, showing them that they, too, can make a positive impact.

The voyage continues for Monty Halls and his family, encompassing the Scillies and the north coasts of Cornwall and Devon, culminating in Lundy Island in mid-September.

Generation Sea Change receives support from the Royal Caribbean Group, an organisation with a long-standing commitment to marine conservation. As part of their sustainability journey that began over 30 years ago, Royal Caribbean Group continually seeks innovative solutions for a greener future. Their partnership with Generation Sea Change underscores their dedication to preserving and improving the health of our oceans.

Ruth Marshall, Vice President, International General Counsel & Managing Director of Royal Caribbean Group, expressed their excitement: "We are delighted to be supporting Monty and his Generation Sea Change project. He's an incredible ambassador for marine conservation, with huge amounts of energy and enthusiasm, and we can't wait to see how this project inspires and educates the communities he visits."

Monty Halls added, "This vitally important project couldn't take place without the support of Royal Caribbean Group. We all have to work together as we look for solutions to improve the sustainability of everything in and around our oceans. I know Royal Caribbean Group has a long-term commitment to innovating and protecting the oceans they sail, and I'm looking forward to working with them throughout the next couple of months."

For updates and to follow the Generation Sea Change journey, subscribe to Generation Sea Changes' YouTube channel and join the movement to create a brighter future for our marine environment.