8 Reasons to River Cruise

River Cruising allow passengers to experience multiple, memorable destinations in a short amount of time all while travelling the world’s most famous, historic rivers. A press release discussing river cruising is available here

1. Daily Discoveries

River cruises stop at new ports almost daily offering passengers an itinerary full of unique destinations to discover.

2. Scenic Sailing

Looking to unwind on the water while taking in the sights? While river cruise lines do not spend a full day cruising, there is typically no shortage of time to take in the beautiful scenery when passing through scenic stretches such as the Danube's Wachau Valley and the Rhine's River Gorge

3. All Inclusive

All-Inclusive— Most food, beverages, and often excursions are included in the overall price, allowing travelers to enjoy a decadent vacation without the stress of planning every detail and pinching every penny.

4. One-of-A Kind Experiences

With access to narrow ports and through shallow waterways, river cruising offers a cruise for travelers who love to experience new cultures, visit historical sites and relax in cruise luxury.

5. Maximum Return  On Experience

River cruises offer a fantastic return on experience and investment, by allowing the chance to see multiple destinations under one price tag.

6. Local Tastes and Cultures

Travelers get whisked away and drenched in local cultures with unique excursions and culinary experiences available only on river cruises, including authentic experiences at historical sites and tasting culinary masterpieces made with locally sourced ingredients.

7. Love for Luxe

River cruises offer an exclusive, luxurious option for travelers. A smaller vessel means a more intimate vacation setting with staff focused on each guest.

8. New Options

River cruising allows travelers to visit more intimate corners of the world and experience lands previously thought hard to get to by cruise, such as pockets along the Mekong and Amazon Rivers.