Executive Partner Program

  • Port authorities and operators
  • Destination management organizations
  • Tourism bureaus/organizations
  • Travel and tourism associations
  • Port agents

Partners that are part of the Ports & Destinations community include ports authorities and operators, port agents, destination management and management organizations, and tourism boards and travel and tourism organizations. This community works together to help our cruise line members provide amazing and unique experiences included in their itineraries for their guests. The Ports & Destinations community has opportunities to connect with itinerary planning, port operations and shore excursion executives, and more.

For a detailed schedule of partner benefits and to learn more about becoming a member of the Ports and Destination community, please contact Claudia Marmorato or Richard Regan.

Claudia Marmorato

Partner Engagement (EMEA)
[email protected]
T +39 3429 088 310

Richard Regan

Partner Engagement (The Americas)
[email protected]
T +1 609 558 2723

Kim Jack-Riley

Partner Engagement (UK & Ireland)
[email protected]
T +44 755 370 3657

As a Gold Executive Partner, Aarhus has experienced CLIA as an extremely dedicated and business minded organisation which offers great value. CLIA provides a direct line to cruise line executives through unique networking opportunities enabling us to connect with key decision makers in the industry. We are fully engaged and CLIA creates a great environment for us to grow our business.

Nicolai Krøyer, Chief Commercial Officer, Port of Aarhus

As a lesser known destination looking to attract cruise to our community, the connectivity and access to the cruise line executives willing to have meaningful discussion exceeded any expectations.

Jason Michell, Port of Nanaimo

Very well-attended events. Good mix of discussions, topics, meetings and networking breaks.

Hans Braas, Blue Water Shipping

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Our four Executive Partner communities give you exclusive access and create unique opportunities to personally connect with the cruise industry decision makers relevant to your business

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The CLIA Executive Partner Program is an exclusive, global platform that provides suppliers access to key cruise line decision makers and industry peers, with the aim to support you to grow your business, gain insight and expand your influence within the cruise industry.

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