CLIA’s Career Seascape: Your Destination for Professional Development

CLIA-Cruise360 ClassroomCLIA's professional development and training programs, rated the best in the industry, leverage a wealth of expert knowledge and partnerships to deliver valuable education to travel agents and other industry professionals. Our programs are available in a variety of formats to make it convenient for you to keep your skills polished or become certified through CLIA Certification Programs. From live instructor-led training and seminars to online courses and webinars, Career Seascape is your destination for all of CLIA’s top-rated professional development and training. Select the courses or programs that will help you continue to build your cruise industry knowledge and sales skills to be the best in our profession. Invest in yourself. YOU are worth it!

Being a CLIA member has helped me in a variety of ways. Personally, it has helped me gain confidence in selling travel. I am kept up to date on all of the changes and growth in the industry through seminars and interactive classes.
      – Gail McLeod, MCC, Cruise Planners

Certification Programs

CLIA’s certification programs elevate your personal and professional brand, and are also an important consideration for vacationers when selecting a travel agent. We’ve completely revamped the CLIA certification program and offer a variety of certifications to meet your level of experience and interests. Learn more about our completely refreshed certifications.

Certificate Programs

A great way to supplement your repertoire of experience and professional development is with a CLIA Certificate focused on expanding your knowledge of travel and cruise specific topics to grow your clientele and sales. We will continue to work with CLIA Global Cruise Line Members, Executive Partner Members and industry-related associations to develop a host of certificate programs throughout the year.

Online Courses

Learn at your own pace and at the time that works best for your schedule.

Instructor-Led Training

In-person training gives you the opportunity to focus on your professional development, while also providing valuable opportunities for networking with other travel professionals. CLIA-Cruise360-Classes 2

Professional Development Events

Choose from CLIA’s cruisExcellence, our one-day regional training program, or Cruise360, our annual conference featuring a week’s worth of professional development, or other CLIA professional development events held throughout the year.


CLIA’s Webinar Series includes webinars and presentations developed by our Member Cruise Lines and Affiliated Partners delivered right to your computer.