Certified Cruise Counsellor (CCC)

Certification requirements vary by year. The requirements below pertain to those who have registered for the certification in 2019. Please refer to your certification logbook if you’ve enrolled in previous years. 

In order to qualify for Certified Cruise Counsellor (CCC) Certification, the following must be achieved:

Pre- and Post- requisites

Enrollee must be an active CLIA Individual Agent Member (IAM) and maintain active membership during the certification completion period. Certified Cruise Counsellor certification candidates have one year from the date of enrollment to complete the certification requirements and submit documentation per the logbook instructions. Once a CLIA IAM graduates with the CCC designation, the graduate must maintain active CLIA IAM status to maintain the certification. If there is a membership lapse, the IAM may have to pay a re-instatement fee after regaining active CLIA membership. 

Required Courses (live or online) – Must complete and pass the exam for each of the following courses live or online:

  • Cruising 101
  • Cruising 201
  • Successful Qualifying
  • Power Selling Skills
  • World Geography Eastern Hemisphere
  • World Geography Western Hemisphere
  • Delivering Great Customer Service
  • The Wonderful World of Ship Inspections

Ship Inspections

  • One (1) live or virtual ship inspection
  • Must be CLIA Global member line
  • May include a ship inspection from up to three years prior to enrollment date

Stateroom Sales

  • Book three (3) cruises (may include bookings from 3 months prior to enrollment)
  • Must be CLIA Global member line

Personal Cruise Experience

  • One (1) cruise of 2+ nights
  • Must be a CLIA Global Cruise Line
  • May include cruises one (1) year prior to enrollment date