CLIA Membership is Currently in Recess

To join or renew for 2020, please check back in September for Travel Agency Membership and October for Individual Agent Membership.

Membership Levels for Travel Agencies

CLIA offers two levels for travel agencies. Select the level that best matches your agency's needs.

  • Premier Agency Membership Benefits (by invitation only; designed for agencies with 500 or more agents)

    2019 Premier Agency Member Benefits

    • $50 dues discount for each affiliated agent who joins CLIA as an Individual Agent Member, without limit. Your agents will pay annual dues of $65 instead of $115. Host agencies typically save their agents a combined $25,000 in annual dues.
    • Six complimentary CLIA online courses with certification credits for each affiliated agent who joins CLIA as an Individual Agent Member (a $174 value per agent). Certain exclusions apply.
    • Two practical CLIA webinars exclusively for your affiliated agents on subjects specific to their needs, as requested by you. Examples of past webinars include: Effectively Promoting Group Cruises on Facebook; and Humanizing Email & Messaging for Effective Sales Conversations. Webinars facilitated by the VP of Membership and Trade Relations.
    • Two seats on the CLIA Strategic Trade Advisory and Review Board (STARBoard) working in conjunction with the CLIA Trade Relations Committee on matters affecting travel agencies and agents.
    • Two invitations to the annual CLIA Premier Summit at Cruise360 to exclusively receive the latest cruise industry research; to network; and to work together with CLIA Cruise Line executives on the challenges ahead for cruise travel retailers.
    • High-visibility participation opportunity in CLIA’s annual conference, Cruise360, in an onstage role or other official capacity. Based on very limited availability and subject to Cruise360 team approval.
    • Official recognition at Cruise360 of your status as a Premier Agency Member.
    • Opportunity to have the VP of Membership and Trade Relations, Charles Sylvia, or Director of Professional Development and Membership, Stephani McDow, speak at your annual conference on any cruise industry-related topic; moderate a panel; or host an awards ceremony or special event. There is no cost to the agency for the CLIA leader’s travel and expenses. This benefit is based on limited availability.
    • An official CLIA trainer to facilitate training sessions with certification credits for one annual conference or equivalent agency event. Please note: This benefit includes trainer’s time and training materials. Trainer travel and expenses must be hosted by the agency.
    • A dedicated CLIA contact for your employee who administers your CLIA membership, along with direct number. No need to call the main number.
    • Five complimentary Individual Agent Memberships for members of your management team. Each IAM comes with the 2019 CLIA EMBARC ID and access to thousands in bonus commission coupons.
    • A customized “Premier MVP Statistics” report detailing the value and performance of your Premier Membership in the prior membership year. The Premier MVP Statistics report serves as a blueprint in working with CLIA to prevent attrition; increase activation; and stimulate growth within consortia, franchises and hosts.
    • Exclusive usage rights to the CLIA Premier Membership Marketing Kit* that is comprised of the following: CLIA web banners/logos, “2019 CLIA Premier Member Seal” for your affiliated agents, “Why Join CLIA Flyer” for your events and conferences, and intranet copy and key messages regarding CLIA membership.

    The annual dues for 2019 Premier Agency Membership of $5,000 will be invoiced on Monday, December 3, 2018 (net 30). Dues payment can be made by agency check, credit card or wire transfer.

    The effective date for 2019 Premier Agency Membership will be Monday, October 15, 2018 to enable affiliated agents to join CLIA when 2019 Individual Agent Membership opens in late-October, in advance of Wave Season launch in January.

    *These materials will assist in promoting your agency’s elite status as one of the most influential and prominent cruise travel retailers in North America. We encourage you to utilize these assets such as our logo to put on your website and/or intranet. The “2019 CLIA Premier Member Seal” can be used by your affiliated agents who join CLIA as Individual Agent Members. They can use the seal on their business cards, social media, websites, and in their email signature to establish themselves as a credible seller of cruise travel.

  • Travel Agency Membership Benefits:

    • Unique booking credentials—the CLIA Industry ID Number—recognized by CLIA Cruise Lines and Executive Partners.
    • One (1) complimentary CLIA Individual Agent Membership (IAM) for the agency principal or designee—a $115 value which includes the CLIA EMBARC ID.
    • Access for your agents to enroll as CLIA Individual Agent Members (IAMs). 
    • Complimentary listing for your agency on our online Agent Finder (more than 11,000 unique consumer visits every month).
    • Complimentary listing of your CLIA-affiliated agents under your agency name in Agent Finder.
    • Access to a variety of professional development and training courses.
    • Certification and certificate opportunities for you and your agents.
    • Bonus commissions and personal travel discounts from CLIA Cruise Lines and Executive Partners.
    • Rights to use the CLIA Member logo within your agency’s marketing communications.
    • Official CLIA Travel Agency Membership certificate, frameable and displayable.
    • Official CLIA Travel Agency Member window decal.
    • Preferred rates and priority registration for Cruise360 and professional development training.
    • Annual dues: $395