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Who's Who Onboard


The Captain is the highest ranking officer on the ship and is responsible for the care and safety of all crew and passengers onboard. The Captain is the ultimate decision maker on a cruise ship

Hotel Director

The Hotel Director supervises all hotel operations onboard. This person also makes sure that the high standards of the guests are met like a GM in a hotel

Cruise Director

Cruise Director is in charge of all onboard entertainment and shipboard activities as well as supervising the Cruise Staff. This position also functions as the MC

Chief Purser

The Chief Purser is responsible for all accounting and finances including master accounts and billing as well as customs and immigration formalities

Chief Housekeeper

The Chief Housekeeper supervises the housekeeping staff and oversees cleanliness of all areas and is in charge of all room deliveries

Chief Engineer

The Chief Engineer is responsible for all operations and maintenance that has to do with any and all engineering equipment throughout the entire ship. Is involved in electrical/re-wiring for special equipment brought onboard

Group Coordinator

The Group Coordinator is the key contact for group leaders. This person coordinates and ensures that all group functions are implemented similar to a Convention Services Manager in a hotel

Dining Room Manager

The Dining Room Manager supervises the entire dining room wait staff and is responsible for the overall operation of the dining room

Maitre D’

The Maitre D’ supervises the restaurant staff to uphold high quality food service standards. Is responsible for dining seating similar to a Banquet Manager in a hotel

F&B Manager

The F&B Manager is in charge of the management of all areas of the ship that serve food and beverage and is responsible for onboard parties and events similar to a Catering Manager in a hotel

Guest Relations Manager

The Guest Relations Manager is responsible for all aspects of passenger satisfaction and for ensuring that all passenger requests, inquiries and complaints are handled appropriately

Shore Excursion Manager

The Shore Excursion Manager is responsible for tours that are offered in each port, promoting and selling shore excursions to passengers

Security Officer

The Security Officer is in charge of all security issues onboard during the cruise


The Doctor is responsible for the health of the guests and the operation of the hospital onboard