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Sample Golf Event Timeline


Shipping address - Sandals Ocho Rios, PO Box 771, Ocho Rios, Jamaica, WI, Attn:


Ship arrives Reynolds Pier.


Practice area pre-arranged for group.

Registration tables set-up with two-somes, starting holes, and cart assignments.


Registration tables set-up with two-somes, starting holes, and cart assignments.

700A - 715A

Bags unloaded from ship with program staff.


Bags and staff depart pier for course.

730A - 745A

Passengers debark ship and board buses.


Bags and staff arrive at course. Carts to be set-up with course rules, twosome names, starting holes, map showing course layout, bathrooms, pro shop, 2 sleeves golf balls, golf tees, clubs, bottled water. Caddies should be at cart that they have been assigned to.


Bags unloaded from truck and loaded onto carts. L&K staff to have extra I.D. tags on hand to insure that bag covers as well as bags have tags on them. Covers to be stored in Pro shop storage area in alphabetical order.


Buses depart pier for course.


Course staff and program staff ready to greet passengers and direct to continental breakfast area or practice area.

815A- 830A

Passengers arrive and are directed to registration tables. At the registration desk, players will be advised of starting hole, directed to their cart, the practice area and the continental breakfast area.

830A - 900A

Passengers proceed to carts to get clubs needed for practice session.


Tournament play begins - shotgun start - teams are twosomes, but played as foursomes all holes with 1 foursome starting on each hole with the exception of 5 holes which will have 2 foursomes starting.


Beverage carts to begin circulating around course.


Lunch buffet set-up begins. Luncheon will be along lawn and club house area under tents. This will give shade and double as rain plan. Podium, microphone, and 6’ draped table set-up in central location for award announcements during lunch.


Lunch buffet opens.

100P - 145P

Passengers finish 18 hole play, change shoes and leave with clubs in the carts, drop off scorecard at pro shop, and proceed to luncheon. Caddies will be responsible for collecting golf bag covers and placing bags onto truck.

100P - 330P

Passengers enjoy lunch buffet.

145P - 215P

Course staff and program staff to load bags onto truck for transfer to pier.


Golf Pro to tally scores and give results to event planner