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Pre-Cruise Registration

The Border Security Act requires that all passengers pre-register on the cruise line’s website prior to their cruise. Pre-registering complies with government regulations and expedites the check-in process at the pier on day of sailing.

Each of the cruise line’s home pages have similar buttons to click on in order to pre-register (Before you Cruise, Prepare For Your Cruise, Before You Board, etc.) The following information is required to complete the online registration:

  • Reservation ID Number
  • Passport Information
  • Credit Card Information

Once the online check-in form is complete, a boarding pass may be printed that will need to be brought to the pier on day of sailing for check-in.

Guests must arrive at the pier at least (60) minutes prior to sailing time. Any guest arriving later than (60) minutes prior to sailing time will be denied boarding. Failure to comply with cruise line/government regulations can cause a guest to be denied boarding. Boarding pass, government issued photo ID and a credit card must be presented at check-in.

Upon check-in, passengers will be given their key card which acts as their boarding pass, room key and charge card onboard.

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