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Planning Events Ashore

Consider adding one customized tour or gala evening event ashore to make your cruise extraordinary. Whether it’s a thrilling sailing regatta on your own America’s Cup race boats in the Caribbean, a private classical concert “under the stars” in the ruins of an ancient Turkish theater, or a royal gala dinner at a magnificent Russian palace, nothing adds more excitement and prestige to your cruise program than an exclusive event, created just for your group. 

Here are some tips to help you plan and execute a shoreside event that will create lifetime memories:

  • Select a cruise-savvy DMC (Destination Management Company) or Tour Operator that operates in the desired destination. These companies are logistical experts and can help coordinate local transportation, caterers, decorations, entertainment, etc. for a flawless shoreside event.
  • Be aware that some cruise lines require that you work with their contracted DMCs/Tour Operators for shoreside events.
  • Determine F&B needs and discuss with your DMC to secure the best catering service for your event.
  • Check the venue’s electrical capabilities to make sure they are appropriate for your entertainment and décor requirements.
  • Secure transportation to and from the ship. If the event is taking place in a port where the ship must anchor, guests will be taken ashore via tenders (small ferry boats). Make arrangements with the ship to tender your attendees ashore as a group. 
  • Advance the shoreside event early with a detailed checklist to make sure that everything is set-up and in order prior to the guests’ arrivals.
  • Have someone stay behind to “sweep” the special event venue to ensure that all guests have been transferred back to the ship.