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Planning a Golf Event

Planning the event with the golf course:

If the corporation is paying for the golf, ask what they are paying for and what the golfer is responsible for. In addition to greens fees, there could be:Golf BallsShoe RentalsClub RentalsRange BallsGolf GloveTees 

When inspecting a golf course at one of your ports of call , make sure to check on the following items:

  • Is there a golf range? How much are range balls? What is the procedure for buying tokens/where?
  • Where can beverages/food be obtained.? Sample or view the food

and beverages and get specifics on what is included - make sure it’s sufficient. The best way to handle beverages is to have a personal cooler on each cart to include water, soda, juice and beer. This is worth the extra cost, especially in the Caribbean.

  • Are beverages or even water available on the course? Where? If on a beverage cart, how often will it come around during a round of golf?
  • How far in advance does the course need the pairings? Will they mark each cart with the golfers names or do we have to supply a name card?
  • Will there be “bag boys” to help carry the clubs and how much is the standard tip or fee?
  • Does the course have a “ranger” who will speed up play or assist golfers if needed?


  • Send clubs by separate van or truck at least 30 minutes before golfers. DO NOT place clubs on the same transfer with golfers as their will be no preparation time at the course to get their clubs onto their carts.
  • Regarding transportation for the golfers, it depends on number of golfers, but even in large groups, it’s best to send them by taxi - with their 4-somes, and in order of their tee-times. As they arrive on the course, they can be dispatched by the starter, and the flow will be easier than having all golfers arrive at once. The same taxis can be waiting for them after the round and 4-somes can be dispatched back to the ship in order of completion of their round. If all are returning on one bus, the earliest finishers have to wait for the last ones.

In Advance:

  • Assign one or more staff to handle the golf events and logistics for clubs. Make sure your staff knows exactly what the company is paying for and what the golfer is expected to pay for. Also give them a workplan for each course with all arrangements clearly detailed.
  • If expecting more than 10 golfers, it’s best to set up a private, locked room aboard ship for the storage of clubs. Give golfers easily identifiable tags which should be placed on the bags before arrival on the ship, and alert the ship staff that the specially tagged bags will be delivered directly to the storage room. If you’re offering golf at more than one port, mark the tags in advance, so you know which bags to remove from storage at each port. The most deluxe service you can provide for golfers is to transport their bags for them in every port.
  • Explain the procedure to golfers in writing and be specific.Their clubs are their babies and they will be relieved to know what the procedure is.
  • Create a golf manifest for each port, including players in alpha order with cabin number, as well as pairing sheets. Even if you don’t have the pairings, bring blank forms to fill out aboard ship.

Aboard the Ship:

  • Prior to sailing, have golf staff check the bags against the manifest and verify arrival of all bags. Do not remove travel cases/bags from the clubs. It’s easier to transport clubs when covered, otherwise clubs will fall out of bags. Some people will want to carry their own bags into their rooms for safe-keeping. Contact people with missing bags to see if they decided to keep their clubs in their room. Ask them if they would prefer to have us handle their bags - often they will turn over the bag on site for your care. Arrange with stewards to be available to move clubs to the transfer vehicles at a specific time.

The Day of the Event:

  • Golf Staff to be in storage room early to meet the steward and supervise movement
  • Golf Staff to ride with the bags to the course to pre-check course and prepare carts. Staff should have manifest, copy of pairing sheet, and workplan notes
  • Staff to be at arranged meeting location to greet golfers and escort them to transfer vehicles
  • Upon arrival, the golf staff should seek out your contact at the course and pre-check the following:
  • Golf Carts, lined up and waiting, with appropriate name card, score card, pencil, cart key and anything else you negotiated (golf towel, cooler, etc.)
  • Food and beverage requirements
  • Check location of restrooms, pro shop, snack bar
  • Check location of golf range, and have information ready (cost/procedure) when golfers arrive.
  • Decide on location for storage of golf bag covers

When golfers arrive:

  • Staff to greet transfer vehicle and guide golfers to their carts. Golfers should be briefed on availability of food/beverage on course, special rules on course (cart rules, grounds under repair, etc.), storage of bag covers, location of rest rooms, pro shop, etc., return transfer at finish of game.
  • While the golfers are on the course:
  • At least one staff person should stay with the golfers. Ask your course contact for a golf cart (should be comp.) to travel out onto the course and check in with the golfers to When the golfers are finished:
  • As the carts arrive back from the 18th hole, guide the golfers to their bag covers and let them bag their own clubs. Take the clubs from them and arrange them for the transfer vehicle (or take them directly to the vehicle if it is standing by).
  • Advise golfers of return transportation and if transfer is not immediately available, guide them to the snack bar or convenient place to wait until vehicles arrive.