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Advantages of a Full Ship Charter

When planning your cruise program, you might consider a full ship charter for the ultimate in program flexibility, exclusivity and customization. Here are a few reasons why chartering a “ship of your own” might be the way to go:

Freedom to Customize & Greater Control

When you charter a ship for your group, you have more freedom to customize and greater control of the onboard experience. Since you “own the ship”, virtually every aspect of the cruise can be modified. The ship’s meal times, daily activities, enrichment programs and entertainment – even ports of call and shore excursions - can be tailored to better support your program objectives. 

With just your group onboard, you can display the company logo freely throughout the ship and customize the ship’s daily newspaper to reflect your group’s agenda. With no other passengers sharing your ship, you have exclusive use of all onboard facilities and function space, so you can create extraordinary special events and dynamic meetings. 


Everyone sailing is part of your group, so there is built-in affinity on board. This means more informal mingling at the rail, more bonding by the pool, and more creative exchange of ideas. Being all “in the same boat” helps attendees form relationships in a way that’s unique to being at sea; spending time together in a land-based hotel is just not the same. Since the ship is a self-contained environment with no outside distractions, you have a “captive audience” with greater attendance and participation in meetings and group events.

Prestige & Exclusivity

People feel honored and excited when they board a privately chartered ship, especially when the entire experience has been customized just for their program. Being part of an elite group on an exclusive ship is a unique experience that they can’t duplicate on their own. They will return from the program rejuvenated, with a renewed sense of pride and loyalty to their organization. 

Undivided Attention from the Ship’s Staff >

When you charter a ship, the entire staff and crew can devote 100% of their attention and resources to you and your program. With just your group onboard, you will get the total support you need from every key person on the ship, while all your attendees receive the VIP treatment they deserve. The undivided attention from the ship’s staff will support your agenda, keep your attendees happy, and make you look like a star.