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CLIA's Knowledge Center is jam-packed with educational guidelines and useful tips to help cruise travel agents become better group cruise buyers. We give you the tools you need to produce successful shipboard events.

  • Choosing Your Cruise

    With so many ships and destinations, how do you find the perfect fit for your group? Here are some helpful guides:

    Choosing the Right Size and Type
    An overview of  ship categories based on size and typical cruise experience

    Group Cruise Destinations
    Highlights of  the best  incentive cruise destinations

  • Charter a Ship

    Chartering a "ship of your own" gives you the ultimate flexibility and freedom to customize your program. But is it the right fit for your group? Here's what you need to know when considering a full-ship charter:

    Advantages of a Full Ship Charter

    Booking a Charter - Things to Know

    Full Ship Charter Considerations
    Considerations to explore before booking your charter

    When Not to Charter 
    Learn when a ship charter is not the right fit.

  • Cruise Advantages

    Wondering how a cruise program compares to a land-based event? Learn the planning differences, compare land and cruise inclusions and discover how a meeting at sea can slash your budget.

    Cruise Advantage - Planning Differences

    Cruise Advantage- What's Included

  • Cruise Event Planning

    If you are accustomed to planning land-based programs, a cruise event might seem daunting. Most new ships are built with meetings and incentive groups in mind, but translating your event to a cruise environment often requires flexibility and creativity. 
    Here's what you need to know to become a savvy cruise planner:

    Booking Lead Time

    Meeting Facilities at Sea

    Pre-Cruise Registration

    Shore Excursions
  • Cruise Event & Sample Agendas

    Whether you're planning a business event, corporate meeting, special interest charter, or sales incentive program, a cruise ship is a great venue. Here are the top 10 types of events at sea (including some that might surprise you), plus sample day-by-day cruise program agendas.

    Top 10 Types of Events
    Here are the 10 most successful meetings and events held on cruise ships


    Sample Event at Sea Agendas


    If you're wondering how a hotel program will translate to a cruise ship, here are a few day-by-day charts to help you visualize the possibilities.

    4 Night Incentive Agenda

    5 Night Charter Agenda

    7 Night Conference Agenda

  • Events Ashore

    For an extraordinary cruise program, consider a customized tour or exclusive evening event in one of your ports of call. Whether it's a private reception in a 12th century Italian abbey, a gala dinner in a Russian palace, a private classical concert in the ancient ruins of Ephesus or a thrilling sailing regatta in the Caribbean, nothing adds more excitement than an event created exclusively for your group.

    Some ultra-premium cruise lines, including Windstar Cruises and Azamara Club Cruises, include a complimentary "Exclusive Event" on every voyage. If you're sailing as a group on a larger ship, you might consider planning your own private event in port.

    Planning Events Ashore

    Shore Excursions

  • Environmental Issues
  • Glossary

    Glossaries of cruise line terminology and nautical lingo meeting planners might need to know.

    Cruise Terminology

    Nautical Lingo

  • Life Onboard

    Curious about life onboard a cruise ship? Wondering how to keep your attendees happy when they're not in meetings? Check out sample daily schedules from large, mid-size, and small ships. You'll be amazed by the broad range of choices for cruise ship dining, activities, sports, and entertainment - and most are included in your cruise fare!

    Entertainment, What to Do

    Money Matters, Cashless Cruising

    Service Onboard

    Spas & Fitness at Sea

    Staying Connected During Your Cruise

    Who's Who Onboard

    A Day at Sea

  • Pricing and Contracts

    If you are wondering how to improve your bottom line, you might be surprised to find out how much you can save by planning your event on a ship. But knowing the ropes when it comes to the cruise contract is key.

    Contract Terminology for Groups

  • Planning a Golf Event

    If golf is a crucial element to your program, here's what you need to know to plan the perfect golf event. Cruise ships sail to ports with the most spectacular ocean-view golf courses in the world; discover a few of them here. 

    Golf at Sea

    Planning a Golf Event

    Sample Golf Event

  • Safety & Security at Sea

    Are cruise ships safe?

    Absolutely! According to recent maritime research, cruising is still one of the safest forms of travel in the world. Here are a few good-to-know facts:

    • As ships have grown larger, cruises have become safer than at any time in history.

    • According to CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association), a typical cruise ship has more than 60 safety, environmental and health inspections each year.

    • Ships provide firefighting teams, life jackets, and enough survival craft to accommodate at least 125% of passengers and crew.

    • Cruise ships are regularly sanitized, from door handles to poker chips

    How Secure are Cruise Ships?

    Virtually no other segment of the travel and hospitality industry does more to make sure their guests are safe and secure.  Major cruise lines have sophisticated security departments run by former federal, state or military law enforcement officials and staffed by professional security personnel – 0n call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Cruise ships are tightly controlled environments.  U.S.-based cruise lines share passenger manifests with U.S. authorities who check against official databases.  Proof of identity is required to access a cruise ship terminal; only crew, ticketed passengers, and those on a pre-approved list may enter.  All passengers, crew, and baggage must pass through screening checkpoints before boarding.

    Cruise Ship Health Concerns

    Cruise lines continuously focus on providing clean and sanitary environments aboard their ships for the health of all on board. Should the need arise, cruise lines are equipped with medical facilities for guests and crew members. Cruise ships go to great lengths to keep passengers healthy and well.

    • Cruises regularly clean and sanitize the facilities on board, from door handles and gym equipment to Scrabble tiles and poker chips.

    • Cabins are cleaned and sanitized at least once daily, restaurants and snack areas are cleaned regularly, and common areas like pools and elevators are cleaned throughout the day.

    • Health screenings help to identify ill passengers or crewmembers prior to boarding. Passengers and crewmembers who may be ill are assessed by medical staff before they may interact with other guests.

    • At the end of every cruise, crewmembers are to clean the ship from top to bottom using designated cleaning supplies and sanitation procedures.

    • CLIA members collaborate with the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) to develop and implement guidelines on cruise ship medical facilities.

  • Tax Deductibility

    Confused about tax issues? Your corporate meeting or incentive at sea may be tax-deductible. Shed light on this subject and find out if you are eligible.

     Business Meetings at Sea

    Canadian Meetings at Sea

    Incentive and Recognition Cruises 

    Luxury Water Transportation
    Deduct up to $762 per person, per day as "transportation to a land based meeting" according to IRS.

    U.S. Flagged Ships