Arnaldo Zanonato

Arnaldo Zanonato

Director, Regional Experiences Development
Silversea Cruises

Please describe your position and role in the cruise industry.

I have recently joined the Silversea team in a new role, supporting the regionalization of our offerings, from ship to shore experiences. The Guests are at the center of all we do. Our vast destination offerings is an extension of our concept of luxury – luxury to choose, luxury to enjoy a broader array of ‘deep travel’ experiences, luxury to indulge in your particular interests – whether polar, remote islands, or the heart of iconic cities in the Mediterranean.

How long have you been in the cruise industry and what other roles/positions have you held?

I have been in the cruise industry for 18 years now. Shortly after graduating from Hotel Management School, I worked at the theme park industry and then found myself working at sea, in Europe. I have held various roles on board, from Groups Manager, supporting weddings, to one of my favorite roles as Concierge Manager, in which I embarked on the journey of luxury travel. I found my passion when I joined the excursions team in my previous company, collaborating with incredible local companies around the world to deliver amazing experiences ashore.

Name a “highlight” in your career.

A highlight in my career was being part of the collaboration efforts to bring the cruise business back to the eastern Caribbean after the devastating hurricanes in 2017. Each company and the industry as a whole worked diligently with our destination partners to help rebuild and bring visitors to the island countries affected. I truly believe that despite the horrendous destruction, each destination and our industry emerged stronger and more collaborative than ever. We should all be very proud of what we accomplished together.

Looking forward, what are some predictions for the future in your sector of the cruise industry?

I believe no place is too far and remote destinations and communities will continue to see a boom in interest. We live in a time in which technology allows us to sail virtually anywhere and Guests are eager to explore this beautiful world. With the proper sustainable development, immersive travel can be the platform to bring the understanding and unity we all need so much these days.

What is one piece of advice you would give to an Executive Partner wanting to make the most out of their CLIA membership?

Attend as many events as possible and build those relationships. This is a dynamic industry and you should approach every conversation as an opportunity to network. Be well prepared and know the different aspects of each one of our guests’ demographics.