Technical & Regulatory Affairs

Leading CLIA’s Global Technical & Regulatory Affairs efforts is a non-stop banquet of both deep challenges and rewards.  I have the good fortune to coordinate the extraordinary collaborative work of this industry in a wide range of areas and to interact with some of the finest professionals in the entire maritime community.  I never could have guessed I would end up in this particular role, but I feel lucky each day that I did.

Our industry has currently committed over $30 billion to building the most creative and exceptional passenger ships ever envisioned.  In all respects our newest ships prove to be one great marvel after another.  Whether it is alternative fuels, advanced wastewater treatment, exhaust gas scrubbers, reliability features, or bumper cars at sea, the cruise lines and their Executive Partners continue to lead the way with shipboard innovation.  We don’t just compare well, we continue to set and raise the bar.

However, no matter how innovative our equipment and ships are, we must never lose sight of how important our seafarers are to this industry.  Our commitment to safety culture and operational excellence must remain at the forefront throughout the fleet as our seafarers operate these magnificent ships.  Our responsibilities are large and we must continue to live up to that every single day through safe and responsible operations carried out by the fine professionals on board our ships.