Cruise Industry Honored with Marine Environmental Protection Award

Oct 29, 2014

In recognition of the cruise industry’s efforts to preserve the marine environment, the North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA) has awarded Cruise Lines International Association with NAMEPA’s 2014 Marine Environment Protection Association Award.

The Award will be presented to CLIA at an Annual Awards Dinner tonight, during the NAMEPA Marine Environment Protection Conference in New York.

“We congratulate CLIA Members on the work they have done in the area of environmental protection,” said Bud Darr, CLIA Senior Vice President for Technical and Regulatory Affairs. “CLIA Members in many areas employ practices and procedures that are substantially more protective of the environment than are required by regulation. Our industry’s responsibility toward the marine environment is a great one and we are honored by this public recognition of the cruise industry’s collective efforts.”

The cruise industry works collaboratively with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) through participation in a number of committees and other bodies to develop consistent, stringent and uniform international standards governing environmental practices that apply to all CLIA Member ships that travel internationally. Thanks in large part to this collaboration, new cruise ships that enter into service today are more environmentally-friendly than ever.

CLIA and its Member line ships have had policies and procedures in place for many years to reduce the industry’s environmental footprint. For example, industry-wide policies and procedures limit the amount of garbage generated on board as well as the amount of garbage landed ashore, thus reducing demand on landfills, through innovative partnerships with environmental recycling and reuse companies. Additionally, paper is reused on board for crafts projects with passengers; glass bottles are crushed on board and recycled ashore; and used cooking oil is collected on board and reused ashore as bio-diesel. Crew and passengers are actively engaged in these environmentally-friendly practices, further contributing to success well beyond any regulatory requirement.

CLIA Members’ other efforts in support of good environmental practices include:

  • Designing, constructing, and operating vessels to minimize their impact on the environment
  • Implementing comprehensive waste minimization processes and procedures, and advancing technologies to minimize waste and exceed current requirements for protection of the environment whenever possible
  • Expanding waste reduction strategies to include beneficial reuse, recycling and waste to energy processes, to the maximum extent possible
  • Minimizing and properly managing wastewater discharges beyond compliance with applicable requirements whenever possible

NAMEPA is an independent, marine industry-led association which engages maritime businesses, government and the public to “Save our Seas” by promoting sound environmental practices. NAMEPA operates as a nongovernmental organization committed to preserving the marine environment through educating seafarers, port communities and students about the need and strategies for protecting this important global resource.

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