CLIA Member Cruise Lines and Travel Agents Gear Up for 'World's Largest Cruise Night' 2008

Aug 07, 2008

Agent Registration Opens on August 18

Fort Lauderdale, FL — August 7, 2008 — Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), its member lines and travel agents across the country are gearing up for the fourth annual World’s Largest Cruise Night (WLCN). The largest one-day travel agency initiative of its kind this year will take place on October 16, serving as the highlight of CLIA’s October National Cruise Vacation Month. Agents can register to participate in WLCN starting on August 18.

Both promotions are designed to focus consumer attention on the pleasures of cruising. In doing so, they generate significant new bookings and commissions for CLIA’s almost 16,000 travel agent members. In 2007, some 4,000 agents participated in WLCN events and online Virtual WLCN promotions estimated to have generated almost 35,000 bookings, $43.3 million in sales and over $6 million in commissions.

Over 3,000 agencies participated in Virtual WLCN promotions, sending email invitations to consumers inviting them to visit a customized Web site with cruise line videos, agency contact information and special offers. Nearly 200 agencies not only chose the Virtual WLCN option but conducted “brick and mortar” WLCN events as well, attended by more than 45,000 consumers. All of Liberty Travel’s locations participated with store events. The 2007 results represented a 20 percent increase over the previous year and this year sales are expected to be even higher.

“World’s Largest Cruise Night” has proven to be a huge success year after year,” said Terry Dale, CLIA’s president and CEO. “This year in particular, with consumer concerns about the economy, it’s all the more important to take advantage of a high-visibility promotional opportunity that offers special incentives to vacationers. We expect a record turnout.”

In 2008, agents will once again have an enhanced Virtual WLCN option that enables them to customize a Web page featuring their agency information and choose several informative videos from participating CLIA member lines. These videos are designed to be sales stimulants and assist agencies in maximizing their participation in this event. A unique URL will then be created that can be distributed to their clients and new prospects, inviting them to participate remotely.

All CLIA member travel agencies across North America are once again invited to promote cruising during this one 24-hour period to celebrate WLCN. The wide-ranging portfolio of one-day events can include luncheons, cocktail parties, dinners, full-scale expos, and many other activities - all of which promote the value and desirability of cruise vacations to current and potential clients.

To register your CLIA travel agency to participate in World’s Largest Cruise Night, please visit CLIA’s Web site at starting on August 18.

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