Quick Facts

Language: Norwegian

Currency: Norewegian Krone

Area Codes: 73

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Trondheim is a fun and diverse city full of great sights and fabulous eateries. The city is an ancient and beautiful one, and much of the architecture dates back to the 11th and 12th centuries. The citizens of Trondheim are very proud of their heritage, and maintaining a link to the past is extremely important to them, which is evident as you travel throughout the city. The subject matter of the local museum exhibits particularly reflect this, and both the Natural History and Archaeology museum and the Trøndelag Folk Museum are magnificent. Although the the exhibits might be modern, the displays all focus on the past, and even the showcases about present-day Trondheim manage to incorporate aspects of life in Norway centuries ago. The old bridges that lace the city center are fantastic, and much of the architecture is truly inspiring.

King Olaf I Tryggvason founded Trondheim during the 10th century. The king imposed a strict regime on the townspeople, but it served to give them pride in their city and a strong work ethic, both of which continue to influence the inhabitants of Trondheim today. The people are friendly and are always willing to help you if you are in need or have a question. Trondheim has the third largest population of any city in Norway, due in large part to the location of a major university in the city that attracts students from all over the country. Before the 1200s, Trondheim was actually the capital of Norway, and the powerful medieval ambiance is still felt by all who travel within its city walls.

Docking & Local Transportation

Cruise ships dock at the Port of Trondheim. The city center is only 1km from the port, so you will instantly be on your way once you depart your cruise ship.

Buses are a tremendously efficient way to get around the city of Trondheim. Contact the Trondheim Trafikkselskap (73/50-28-70) for specific route and fare information. You can opt for a car rental service, as well. Contact the friendly folks at Hertz (73/91-15-55) or Budget Rent-a-Car (73/53-73-90) for more information.

Local Interests

Nidaros Cathedral is located at Bispegaten 5 (73/53-91-60) and is an exquisite building that was constructed in the 11th century. Positioned in the center of town, Nidaros is known as one of the most important cathedrals in all of Scandinavia. Many Norwegian kings have been buried here throughout the centuries, and it was here that modern Norway was born. Haakon VII had his coronation at Nidaros, completing a series of events that truly established Norway as it is today. The diverse architectural styles are incredible, and set against the Trondheim skyline, the Nidaros Cathedral is breathtaking. Both Romanesque and Gothic features are present, and the gargoyles on the main tower are spectacular. Inside you will find an interesting little museum where Norway's crown jewels are on display. Right behind the cathedral is the Archbishop's Palace, which was completed in the 12th century.

The Museum of Natural History and Archaeology is located at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (73/59-21-60). An incredible number of interesting topics are explored here, making it a must see if you are in Trondheim. The museum focuses on the social history and natural history of Norway, with archaeology being heavily represented as well. The displays of animals of ancient Norway are wonderful, and everything is extremely well-executed and maintained. The dioramas are modern and lifelike, and there is even a collection of old church art that is wonderful. The museum concentrates on encouraging mutual support between man and nature. One exhibit chronicles the history of man in nature, how it has helped him, and how he has abused it. There are plenty of great things to do in the museum to keep you enthralled for hours.


Dining and Nightlife

Havfruen Fiskerestaurant is located at Kjøpmannsgaten 7 (73/87-40-70) and brags that it has the best fish in Trondheim. The seafood is quite good here, and the setting certainly is enjoyable. Havfruen is set in a warehouse built in 1680, and it is near the most famous bridge in the area, the Nidelven. Each season the menu changes, and the servers are helpful and knowledgeable. More often than not, they have tried the menu items themselves, and can suggest dishes that you might like to try. Some of the standout items are the poached halibut, the grilled salmon fillet in dill sauce, and sea wolf with a pepper coating. Bryggen can be found at Øvre Bakklandet 66 (73/87-42-42) and is an excellent place to fill up on authentic Norwegian food. The building that houses the restaurant was built in 1749, and served as a warehouse for many years. Only ten minutes from the town center by foot, Bryggen has some truly scrumptious dishes on its menu. The reindeer medallions in a juniper sauce and the Norwegian duck are delectable, and the soups are stupendous. The wine list is among the most extensive in the region, and if you enjoy an after dinner drink or smoke, the cigar and cognac selection is quite distinguished. Tavern På Sverresborg is located on Sverresborg Allé (73/87-80-70) and was built in 1739 as the home of an affluent merchant. This is the most authentically Norwegian restaurant in Trondheim, as the building's original construction is still intact and the menu emphasizes recipes from the 18th and 19th centuries. Blandet Spekemat is the most famous item on the menu, consisting of smoked mutton, sliced ham and salami, and thinly cut lettuce and tomato, all served with flatbread. It is a delicious array of food that is presented magnificently. For breakfast, the reindeer meat omelet can't be beat.


The TGK, otherwise known as the Trondheim Golfklubb (73/53-18-85), is a fabulous place to play a round of golf. This is the premier course in Trondheim, and is located about two miles from the center of town. Established in 1950, the TGK has a long and reputable history, and even if you aren't hitting well, you'll still have the marvelous scenery.


Trondhjems Kunstforening Art Shop is located at Bispegt. 9A (73/52-66-71) and features a wide array of contemporary art from all over the world. This is a great place to shop for art, and maybe you will find a masterpiece that will look splendid hanging in your living room. Maja's Nabo can be found at Øvre Bakklandet 48 (73/52-64-45) and is well-stocked with all kinds of items including clothing, crafts, and ceramics.