Quick Facts

Language: Swedish

Currency: Swedish Krona

Area Codes: 0480

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Since the founding of the nation of Sweden, Kalmar has played an intricate role in the industries of trade and shipping. The government and citizens both realize this, and efforts to bolster the import and export production from the Kalmar port are currently taking place. The rich history of the Port of Kalmar stretches back for over one thousand years.

The natural beauty of Kalmar is the main draw of this wonderful city. The glorious skyline and the lovely surroundings more than make up for a shortage of activities and nightlife. Every year, the Port of Kalmar sees one thousand ships dock, and 660,000 tons of cargo come in and out. The products that are vital to the success of Kalmar's shipping industry are agricultural items, lumber, and petroleum. It took one hundred years for Sweden to establish itself as a great power, but it has been geographically important for centuries. The northern Baltic region was incorporated in the 1560s, and in the 1600s, portions of Germany and much more of the Baltic region became Swedish. The Danish Kingdom ruled the area until the 1650s, when Sweden obtained large sections of the southern landscape. Now Sweden, and specifically Kalmar, is a wonderful tourist destination full of excitement and beauty.

Docking & Local Transportation

Cruise ships dock at the Port of Kalmar located less than a kilometer from the city center

Most people opt to simply walk around the city of Kalmar. However, you can decide to take a taxi around town

Local Interests

The Kalmar Läns Museum is quite fascinating, and provides incredible insight about the Regalskeppet Kronan, an ancient ship that was destroyed in an accident in 1676. The ship exploded and then capsized, killing 750 of the 800 men on board. It was a ship that revolutionized sea-vessel design, and its destruction caused builders to take a closer look at what had to be done to construct a top-of-the-line seagoing vessel. The area around the Kalmar port has seen its share of great archaeological finds, and they are all chronicled in this outstanding museum. The Kalmar Läns Museum is located at Skeppsbrogatan 51 (0480/45-13-00). The Kronan Projektet is a brilliant exhibit that is of special interest when you take a guided tour of the region. Other fabulous displays within the museum highlight the history and culture of Kalmar, and the true heritage of Sweden shines through. If you are in Kalmar, the Kalmar Läns Museum is a must. The marine archaeologists of Sweden all work as partners of the museum, and the remarkable finds that have recently been excavated from the ocean floor are marvelous.


Great Sights

The Kalmar Slott (0480/45-14-90) is the most famous castle in Kalmar, and it is an ancient site that features extraordinary architecture. It was constructed in the 1100s and was used as a defense tower to protect the city from invaders. In 1397, it became the center of Swedish politics, and the Kalmar Union was founded at that time. This castle was an extremely important cultural and political center for centuries. Stadsparken is next to the Kalmar Slott, and it is a beautiful park that is perfect for a stroll. The architecture within the park is magnificent as well, and you will marvel at the striking man-made structures. The Domkyrkan is an exquisite cathedral that dominates the center of the city.


Hotel Slottshotellet is located at Slottsvägen 7 (0480/88-26-0) and serves up delicious Swedish food. The dining area is quaint and cozy, and you are sure to receive great service from your friendly hosts. Restaurant Ming Palace (0480/28-86-8) is a wonderful spot for dazzling Chinese food. The cuisine expands beyond strictly Chinese, and all the items on the menu are splendid. The chicken dishes are especially scrumptious.