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Language: Norwegian


Area Codes: 57

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Flåm is located deep in Sognefjord, in the heart of southern Norway. It is the longest of all of the fjords in Norway. The fjords formed after the last Ice Age, over ten thousand years ago. After the glaciers withdrew, the waters of the Norwegian Sea crashed in, creating sharp gashes in the land that are what we now know as fjords.

Today the fjords serve as stunningly dramatic scenery that is uniquely Norwegian. Located just a short distance from Oslo, Flåm is the only fjord town accessible by rail. It is famous for its namesake Flåm Railway; but this lovely town is mainly a small railway terminal with a population of only 450. The residents of Flåm pride themselves on the warm, friendly atmosphere they maintain and the beauty and placidity of their land. As anyone who has ever visited Flåm would agree, it is a town that shows off some of Norway's most gorgeous scenery. Snow capped mountains tower above the sleepy town and glorious topography. Flåm Valley is a place of gushing waterfalls and fantastic peaks. It is a charming inlet on the water where every view is a beautiful one. Most of the structures in Flåm are situated right on the water, making for picturesque views from every place.

Docking & Local Transportation

Cruise ships arriving in Flåm dock at the Sognefjord Port

Walking will be your primary mode of transportation in Flåm, as the tiny town is quite compact and most everything is accessible by foot.

Local Interests

In Flåm, along with exceptional scenery, you will also find a few places that are a bit off the beaten path. An amusing activity might include a visit to the Wild Salmon Observatory, where tour guides will teach you all there is to know about the Atlantic salmon and Norway's fishing industry. Here you can see Norwegian salmon, as well as brush up on the nature and history of the fishing industry. Museum lovers will enjoy the Flåm Railway Museum, which gives a thorough and colorful explanation of the construction of the railway and stunning photographs of the route the rail travels.

If hiking is your fancy, you are in for a treat. There is a scenic path that takes hikers from Flåm to Myrdal via a splendid trail teeming with mountains, waterfalls and trees. The hike, depending on how far you go, can take up to four hours, so a round trip hike might take all day. But if you have the energy, the cool temperatures and stunning terrain make for a fantastic hike. You might also opt to make the hike from Flåm to Myrdal, and then hop on the Oslo-Bergen rail line, which will take you back to Flåm in less than an hour. During May, the country celebrates Constitution Day. Festivities include local musicians and song and dance festivals that occur in and around Flåm. This is a great opportunity to really get to know the people, sights, and sounds of Flåm. If you happen to be visiting Flåm in August, you may be able to participate in the Flåmsmarsjen Walk, which is an annual event where most every resident walks the town and admires the stunning backdrop and natural wonders that serve as their home.


Sporting Activities

Volleyball is one of the most beloved sporting activities in Flåm. Public volleyball courts dot the waterfront and invite visitors to grab a ball and play a few matches. And with all of the breathtaking land that comprises Flåm, hiking is of course a great activity. ,/p>


Shopping is certainly not going to be your top priority in Flåm, but one shop you should visit is Underdalsbui (57/63-30-80). This store is home to the finest cheese selection in this area of Norway. Fresh cheeses and fish, which make for a perfect beginning to a picnic on the waterfront, can be purchased at this gourmet shop.


Furukroa (57/63-23-25) is a nice place to enjoy a relaxed dinner right on Flåm's beautiful coast. The salmon and swordfish here are two favorites. After dinner, enjoy a drink at the Fretheim Hotel Bar (57/63-63-00, www.fretheim-hotel.no/main_eng.htm) where the wine selection is sure to impress even the most distinguishing connoisseurs. Then, for a real treat, have dessert at Heimly Pension (57/63-23-00, www.heimly.no) and watch the sun set over Flåm. Nighttime is bedtime in Flåm, as the town shuts down early and restaurants close around nine o'clock.