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Help your staff sell more cruises with CLIA's popular videos. These videos will also earn you 10 credits towards CLIA's ACC & MCC Certification program. Learn, enjoy and watch your profits grow!

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Building Your Brand (new in 2011)

How can you not just succeed, but stand out in today's travel marketplace? By building your brand. In this CLIA DVD, Dr. Marc Mancini will show you how to discover, design, maintain and market a distinct and compelling identity for yourself and/or your agency. You'll learn how to leverage your unique skills, craft a consistent image and tell your "brand story" in a way that will set you apart from your competitors and take you to a higher level of profitability, professionalism and success. (36 minutes)

CLIA's Guide to Escorting Groups

In this DVD, Dr. Marc Mancini (who began in the industry as a tour conductor) takes you on an insightful and often amusing exploration of what it takes to manage a successful cruise group departure. You'll learn dozens of proven tactics that veteran tour managers use and that you, too, can apply to your very own cruise groups. (65 minutes)

CLIA's Tech Tips: Making Today's Technology Work for You

E-mail has become a powerful marketing tool for selling travel. In this video/DVD, Dr. Marc Mancini will share with you five ways to get people to open your e-mail promotion; seven strategies to make your e-mail especially effective; and ways to get the most out of your Internet searches. If you're already knowledgeable about technology, it'll be a good refresher course – and you may learn a few new things, too. If you feel a bit technologically challenged, this video/DVD will teach you plenty. (26 minutes)

Closing the Cruise Sale

No matter how much you know, no matter how skilled you are, unless you close the sale, your talent will go to waste. In this DVD, Dr. Marc Mancini analyzes how sales professionals in other industries apply classic closing techniques and explains how you can adapt their strategies to enhance your own success at closing. (35 minutes)

Converting Landlocked Vacationers into Cruise Vacationers

Yes, many North Americans have discovered how great cruising is. But there are far, far more who haven't. How do you get to them? How should you sell to them? In this DVD, Dr. Marc Mancini will describe five kinds of cruise prospects and how you can calibrate your sales to each of their unique set of needs. (30 minutes)

Cruising… Knowing the World You Sell

Now that you're a travel professional, don't you wish you had paid more attention in geography class? (Or did your school even offer one?) Dr. Marc Mancini will remedy that. He'll provide you with a crash-course on world cruise geography. You'll learn about the itineraries cruise lines favor, the ports they visit and the strategies you can use to match your client with the destination that's perfect for their needs. (70 minutes)

Delivering Great Service

Recent consumer surveys have verified what we've all suspected: Great service is becoming increasingly rare. But as with anything rare, most consumers want, even treasure, service excellence. In this DVD, Dr. Marc Mancini reveals the five emotional needs you must address to provide effective service. He'll reveal what companies known for service excellence share in common; which communication skills can best enhance your service efforts; how the luxury market is built on service excellence and how technology can help you provide even better service to your clients. (35 minutes)

Effective Direct Mail Techniques

Has e-marketing made direct mail promotions obsolete? Hardly – just check your mailbox for proof. In this DVD, you'll join Dr. Marc Mancini as he reveals the "secrets" that direct-mail experts use to get results. You'll learn how to build or buy a database, write great, effective copy and get your promotional pieces opened and read. (20 minutes)

Introduction to Successful Cruise Selling – 2nd edition

What's special about selling cruises? In this DVD, you'll find out. Dr. Marc Mancini will provide you with a crash-course on cruising and how to sell it. You'll discover what motivates people to cruise, learn how to address client misperceptions, familiarize yourself with the many types of cruise experiences and, ultimately, become confident and comfortable with selling cruises of all kinds. (35 minutes)

Marketing Your Agency on the Internet

In this DVD, Dr. Marc Mancini shows you how to make the Internet a powerful ally for your agency in the travel marketplace. You'll learn what will set you apart from your competition, the essential "e-strategies" for web-based success, how to tailor e-marketing for cruise sales, and gain valuable insights from Internet professionals. (25 minutes)

Principles of Professional Selling – 2nd edition

The mark of a successful sales professional is the constant desire to improve. In this DVD, Dr. Marc Mancini will explore and explain the techniques the most skilled salespeople apply: asking "explorer" and "open-ended" questions, selling through benefits, overcoming barriers, closing the sale and adding value – to your client and for yourself – to every cruise you sell. (35 minutes)

Profiting From the Power of Groups

In this video, Dr. Marc Mancini will take you on an exploration of the who, what, where, how and why of marketing and selling groups. You'll learn the 10 reasons why people decide to cruise as part of a group and how this knowledge can help you close the sale. You'll discover what traits group travelers have in common, how and where to find them, what kind of support you can expect from cruise line representatives and how your group's timeline and activities should ideally unfold. (Approximately 40 minutes)

Secrets of Success: 10 Strategies to Increase Your Profitability

What do top-producing sellers of travel do to enhance their profitability? In this DVD, Dr. Marc Mancini will take you on a discovery of 10 easy-to-apply secrets to success, including dozens of practical tips that pacesetting travel agents will share with you. You'll especially learn how new technologies can assist you with even the most personal of your sales and service skills. (40 minutes)

Selling Cruises as a Home-Based Agent

Are you a home-based travel agent? If not, are you giving serious thought to shifting your operations to your home? Dr. Marc Mancini and key leaders in the field will identify the seven advantages of being home-based and how to overcome the five biggest challenges you'll face. You'll get insider tips on how to satisfy government requirements, work with suppliers, apply new technologies and maintain an efficient and productive home office. (30 minutes)

Selling Special Interests/Niche Cruising

A generation ago, most businesses tried to be everything to everyone. Today, the most successful businesses – and agents – fine-tune their sales to the special interests of their clients. In this DVD, Dr. Marc Mancini will explore how to adjust your sales to the needs of five major niches: families, luxury seekers, learning enthusiasts, adventurers and honeymooners. You'll also learn about the five generations that buy travel and what each seeks in a cruise vacation experience. (30 minutes)

Turn Your Agency into a Cruise Vacation Store

Are you a cruise specialist? If you are, how can you best convey your expertise to would-be clients? One way: by applying the principles of great design. Dr. Marc Mancini will take you on a lively exploration of how selecting the right colors, typeface, layout, graphics and other design elements can reinforce your image and be applied to your business cards, office layout, website and more. (20 minutes)