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The nonprofit Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) is North America's largest global cruise industry organization in terms of cruise line, industry suppliers, and travel agency membership. CLIA represents the interests of member cruise lines, 100 Executive Partners and more than 14,000 Travel agencies. CLIA participates in the regulatory and policy development process while supporting measures that foster a safe, secure and healthy cruise ship environment. CLIA's Executive Partner program includes strategic relationships between key cruise industry suppliers and organizations, cruise lines, ports and shipyards and provides interaction with governmental agencies such as Homeland Security, EPA, CBP, US Coast Guard, and the FBI.

In 2011, CLIA member lines carried over 16 million passengers, and forecast a passenger total of 17+ million in 2012. At the same time the industry continues to commit to the future, with 14 new ships in 2012, and another 10 new ships on order in 2013-2015, for a total new vessel investment of more than $22 billion in the 2011-2015 timeframe.

It is increasingly important to work together with our partners, and work on the strength of the industry. The member lines of CLIA have collectively experienced an average annual growth of more that 7 percent since 1980.