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About CLIA's Executive Partner Program

The CLIA member lines are looking ahead with optimism and a proud sense of accomplishment. There are 37 new ships in the CLIA Member lines that have, or will be , be entering service between 2011 and 2015. CLIA member lines had over 200 ships cruising around the world carrying over 16 million passengers. CLIA is the largest association in the cruise industry, working from the mantra, "One Industry, One Voice." CLIA represents the interests of 26 member cruise lines and our key industry partners, operating in the U.S. and internationally. CLIA participates in the Regulatory, Safety, Security, Environmental and Policy Development process; as well as the marketing and promoting the cruise vacation experience; all supporting policies and practices that foster a safe, secure and healthy cruise ship environment.

We invite you to maximize the extraordinary opportunities created by this economic activity for your company, increase your commitment and your company's visibility within the cruise industry segment, and join CLIA's Executive Partner Program. You will benefit from:

  • Introductions to key executives within the cruise industry
  • Developing successful relationships with cruise line decision makers
  • Joining our annual Leadership Forum, to discuss key issues and opportunities with cruise line and industry experts
  • Learn about the Lines strategic direction & future needs
  • Meeting with lawmakers on Capitol Hill to expand support for the industry
  • Listing your organization in the annual Who's Who Directory utilized by the cruise industry and other Executive Partners

The CLIA Executive Partner program is endorsed and supported by our 26 member cruise lines, now is in its 14th successful year, and is limited to approximately 100 companies. Investing in this membership program provides your company with valuable information about the cruise lines and the industry, introductions to the cruise line executives, and access to solidify and expand business relationships with the cruise industry's most influential decision-makers.

Over this past decade, the Executive Partner Program has remained strong and continues to thrive. Our cruise lines and Executive Partners work together to address industry issues and discuss new technologies and innovative ideas, new opportunities and new challenges. Due to the informative educational events and exclusive networking opportunities held throughout the year, CLIA's Executive Partner companies greatly benefit from their involvement in this vital program.

The annual CLIA Leadership Forum, exclusively for our members, includes sessions on the environmental regulations on the horizon, safety issues, regulatory information, as well as supply chain needs, destination and port management content, and other industry related sessions. Also included during the Leadership Forum is a cruise line President's panel.

All of our events are exclusively for our members, both Executive Partners and Cruise Lines, and the events themselves are included in the membership dues. (The members pay hotel and transportation costs). By joining CLIA's Executive Partner program, you become an affiliate in the association, support the cruise industry, and work together with the lines to advance the environment that sustains your business model.