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About CLIA's Executive Partner Program

Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) is the preeminent voice for the global cruise industry, with more than 60 member cruise lines, 13,500 travel agency members (representing more than 50,000 travel agents), and 240 executive partners. The industry serves more than 21 million passengers every year. Together, we are a global community dedicated to promoting the cruise industry and creating a safe, sustainable, and prosperous environment for the industry’s continued growth.

Cruising is the fastest-growing segment of the travel industry — with an economic impact of $100 billion annually — and there remains an enormous untapped global market for cruise vacations. Cruising is on the rise around the world and cruise lines are investing more than $8 billion in the next two years to increase their capacity to meet this demand.

CLIA’s Executive Partner Program offers an unparalleled level of engagement with this dynamic and growing industry. The Executive Partner Program delivers:

  • ACCESS to cruise line executives and exclusive industry resources and events
  • INSIGHTS into the trends and market forces that shape cruising today and will impact the industry’s future
  • OPPORTUNITIES to make connections and expand relationships with cruise decision makers
  • ADVOCACY at both a global and regional level in support of a thriving industry

CLIA’s member cruise lines and travel agents work proudly with our Executive Partners, including:

  • Ports & Destinations
  • Technical & Supply Chain Providers
  • Business Services Providers
  • Travel Suppliers and Operators

CLIA’s Executive Partners can choose to join at several membership levels. Membership at any level includes opportunities to connect with cruise line executives and decision-makers worldwide; recognition within the CLIA community and at global and regional cruise industry events; access to CLIA technical and regulatory expertise; and sales and marketing opportunities to engage with our 13,500 travel agency members with more than affiliated 50,000 travel agents worldwide.

The CEOs of our member cruise lines are committed to CLIA’s Executive Partner Program and continue to reinforce the value of these strategic partnerships and the significant role they play within their own organizations.

To find out more information and join our community as a North America partner, please contact:

Margaret Murphy
Senior Vice President, Strategic Marketing
Cruise Lines International Association

Linda Sodaro
Executive Partner Program Manager, North America
Cruise Lines International Association

For more information on joining as an executive partner outside North America, please contact:

Didier Scaillet
Vice-President, Business Development
Cruise Lines International Association