From The Bridge

As many of you know, I have submitted my resignation as president and CEO of CLIA to take effect at the end of this year. This is purely a personal decision and I will surely miss the very talented and inspiring travel agents, cruise line executives, and executive partners I have had the privilege of working with over the last seven years. But, just as cruising is all about adventure and life-changing experiences, it is time that I set sail on a new voyage of my own.

I am very proud of my accomplishments and those of my staff. Originally hired to reinvigorate CLIA, today we have over 17,000 travel professionals as Certified Cruise Counsellors. cruise3sixty over six years has become ever-bigger, better and more important. The CLIA Hall of Fame has become a highly anticipated event in the industry and World's Largest Cruise Night consistently proves successful for cruise lines and agents alike. I can truly say that, thanks to the hard work and creativity of everyone who has been involved with CLIA, I leave behind a stronger industry that is admirably positioned to face future challenges and continue to grow.

None of this would have been possible without the support and partnership of our travel agent members. Thank you for what you have done and I urge you to continue to support CLIA and help the industry prosper.

CLIA Breaking News

Save the Date, Plan Ahead! World's Largest Cruise Night is October 13

It is never too early to plan for World's Largest Cruise Night, the industry's single largest promotion of the year and centerpiece of National Cruise Vacation Month. This year the date is October 13 and registration for participation begins on August 2nd. Whether it's a "bricks and mortar" special event or a month-long online promotion, this is your chance to dramatically boost cruise sales.

Last year, WLCN generated more than $45 million in cruise sales and almost $6 million in travel agent commissions. Nearly 50,000 consumers attended physical WLCN cruise events held by a record 1,309 participating agencies. The events were diverse and held in travel agency offices, hotel ballrooms, restaurants, luxury car dealerships, convention centers, even comedy clubs. For example, World View Travel in Southern California teamed up with Seabourn Cruise Line, Francis Ford Coppola Estate Winery, Mercedes-Benz of Laguna Niguel and other partners to host "An Evening of Yachts, Wine and Mercedes-Benz" at the automobile dealer showroom. Close to 400 VIP guests showed up and Seabourn later reported 140 new bookings because of WLCN.

Nearly 2,800 agencies participated in virtual WLCN promotions in 2009, sending email invitations consumers inviting them to visit their customized WLCN Web site with cruise line videos, agency contact information and special offers. It is estimated that consumers viewed 50,481 WLCN cruise line videos. This year, with a whole new look and feel to the virtual program, agents may participate throughout the month of October, through their very own microsite, for free, with greater functionality than ever before, including the option to present as many as seven cruise line videos as well as expanded space for sales messages and agency logos.

Agencies planning to host both a physical event and a virtual promotion can sign up online for both at one time, using the same page.

"Year after year, World's Largest Cruise Night gets bigger and better for one simple reason: it works amazingly well as a highly effective way to sell more cruises. It's a win-win-win proposition for agents, cruise lines and the public," said Bob Sharak, CLIA's executive vice president. "We urge all our members to plan now and sign up."

In case other proof of WLCN's effectiveness is needed, here are a few more examples from 2009:

  • Cruise Planners saw a 44 percent increase in cabin sales, with a 65 percent increase in overall revenue during National Cruise Vacation Month
  • Liberty Travel sold 846 cabins for revenue of $2.4 million during the 24-hour period of World's Largest Cruise Night.
  • Holland America Line, which conducted fleetwide shipboard WLCN events between October 12 and October 18, reported that commissionable revenue from shipboard WLCN events was 200 percent higher during WLCN week than the week before
  • Avalon Waterways, in its first year of participation in WLCN, witnessed a 170 percent increase in sales (year over year) on October 14th alone. Avalon's sales were up 130 percent for the week
  • And, Uniworld Boutique River Cruises secured 154 bookings for the 2010 season related to WLCN.

For more information about World's Largest Cruise Night, visit

New Online Tools and Resources for Agents Launched on CLIA's Recently Enhanced Website

CLIA is committed to providing travel agents with every possible membership benefit in part by taking advantage of the latest online communications technology to create new tools and resources. This was demonstrated this week with the launch of three new resources: "CLIA Vision," a "one-stop" web link to CLIA social media sites, and a new online industry calendar providing quick access to a broad range of industry events, including those featuring CLIA training opportunities. All three are found on CLIA's web site at

Since its founding 35 years ago, one of CLIA's top priorities has been to help travel agents become more professional and do their work more efficiently and profitably," said Bob Sharak, CLIA's executive vice president. "CLIA has so many programs available to agents, sometimes the biggest challenge is making sure that our members know and understand all that CLIA has to offer. These new resources use web and social media tools to enable our member agents to learn more about CLIA and CLIA services, engage with colleagues and prospective customers and have instant access to information about events they may want to participate in."

Travel agents can access "CLIA Vision" by visiting the Travel Agent Center of the CLIA web site. CLIA member agents, and those agents interested in CLIA membership and programs, are welcomed by a rotating short 1 to 3 minute video featuring Sharak, Jim Smith, CLIA's director of marketing, Gaye Stewart, director of membership and CLIA's Director of Training, Tom Cogan. These initial 28 videos are also cataloged within a "CLIA Vision" content area of the CLIA web site, which add up to almost 44 minutes and provide information about a wide variety of topics, including a cruise industry overview, CLIA training and Certification, membership benefits, cruise3sixty, the World's Largest Cruise Night promotion, sales and marketing resources and more. Visitors to the site are able to access the videos of their choice by clicking on a menu of category choices.

"Different people like to receive and process communication differently," says Sharak. Some prefer searching and finding written content on the web, some prefer, and better retain, information through the spoken word. We think "CLIA Vision" helps bridge these communication styles and is yet another tool to allow our members and member prospects to take advantage of all that CLIA has to offer. In addition to answering frequently asked questions about CLIA, CLIA training and the cruise industry, the CLIA Vision videos help agents maximize their membership benefits and provide agency owners and managers with a convenient and free method of helping their agents further their professional development," Sharak added.

The CLIA Travel Agent Center "dashboard" on the Travel Agent welcome page also provides agents with one-stop access to CLIA's Facebook Fan Page and YouTube content in addition to CLIA Vision simply by clicking on "Social Media" in the menu of options. This way agents can quickly log on to CLIA's Facebook and YouTube pages without having to access these sites individually.

Similarly, agents can click on a new "Industry Events Calendar" on the Travel Agent Center page to access the CLIA Industry Calendar. This new one-stop planning resource provides all necessary information about scheduled CLIA training programs and other events as well as other industry events where CLIA training is featured. Organizations interested in being listed and which offer CLIA training as part of their event should submit their entry information to CLIA at

CLIA Training

TrainingFest 2010 is Fast Approaching; Don't be Left Behind

TrainingFest 2010 is here; and now is the time to sign up. This is the two-day program that travels throughout North America, providing a "Fast Track" for travel agent training and Certification. Between July and September, 11 cities will be visited, from California to the East Coast and Toronto, offering agents the opportunity to take four seminars, from a choice of eight, and participate in a CLIA member cruise line trade show while earning up to 70 Cruise Counsellor Certification Credits.

"By traveling to key cities across the country and in Canada, we are making it easier than ever for agents to further their professional development, an absolute necessity given the realities of doing successful business today," said Bob Sharak, CLIA's executive vice president. "Even more important, full participation in TrainingFest completes the mandatory requirement for CLIA's MCC, or Master Cruise Counsellor Certification, in just two days."

This year's TrainingFest features seminars on social networking, group sales, principles of professional selling, time management, building business plans, and public relations techniques, as well as an introduction to selling cruise vacations and a seminar designed to help agents explore their own abilities, skills and strengths. The two-day program is offered on consecutive Thursdays and Fridays, with a Thursday evening trade show. The three-hour seminars are scheduled from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 1:30 pm to 4:30pm. The TrainingFest 2010 schedule is as follows:

  • July 8 Dallas, TX
  • July 15 Atlanta/College Park, GA
  • July 22 Denver/Greenwood Village, CO
  • July 29 Los Angeles/San Pedro, CA
  • Aug. 5 Washington, DC/Arlington VA
  • Aug. 12 Las Vegas, NV
  • Aug. 19 St. Louis, MO
  • Aug. 26 Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Sept. 9 San Francisco/Burlingame, CA
  • Sept. 16 Philadelphia, PA
  • Sept. 23 Toronto, ONT

For more information about TrainingFest, visit

3rd Quarter ATP - Now Open for Registration

CLIA's 3rd Quarter ATP is available for registration on CLIA's Website! The 3rd Quarter ATP program will run from July 13 through September 21, 2010, featuring two (2) very informative and relevant seminars in 10 cities throughout the United States. Both seminars are 3 hours in duration and are worth 15 credits each.

8:30 am - 11:30 am CUSTOMER RELATIONS MANAGEMENT: MADE EASY (15 Credits)
What's the hottest topic in travel these days? It's CRM, or Customer Relationship Management. In this seminar you'll learn dozens of strategies -- technological and otherwise -- to help you understand and profit from your customers, as well as reinforce the whole relationship you have with them. 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Great service is the cornerstone of success for any retail business. But providing it is a challenge in today's fast-pace, high-expectation travel marketplace. In this seminar, you'll explore the five emotional factors that drive your clients' service needs, the ten standards of excellence that the best service-providers follow and the leading technologies that can support and enhance your ability to provide superior service.

CLIA Cruise Industry Textbook

CLIA Wrote the book on cruise vacations...and now you can have a copy of your own! "The CLIA Guide To The Cruise Industry" provides a lively look at one of the most successful forms of travel today: cruising. Written for industry professionals, travel students and anyone interested in the cruise experience, this new, authoritative publication features breezy, magazine-like prose, dozens of photos and illustrations and numerous interactive activities to help reinforce what you've learned. Written by Dr. Marc Mancini, The CLIA Guide to the Cruise Industry is now value-priced and is available for purchase at a 25% discount off of list price for CLIA members! Visit:

Act Now and Get All you Need to Become a Luxury Cruise Specialist

Luxury cruises are one of the fastest growing segments of the travel industry and travel agents have been quick to respond to CLIA's newest Certification program, the Luxury Cruise Specialist. Now CLIA member agents can take advantage of an online special for the Month of July and purchase the three courses needed to be Certified as a Luxury Cruise Specialist for only $90.00!

The Luxury Cruise Specialist program is designed to identify the specific skills needed to sell the luxury product. The LCS program aims at making sure that the travel agents have every opportunity to take advantage and gain their fair share of the market and increase their profit potential. The program also teaches agents all they need to know about the luxury traveler, provide first-hand experience of the luxury cruise product, help attain sales skills needed to meet the specific demands of the luxury market, and give graduates the industry recognition, referrals and CLIA promotions they deserve.

To be Certified a Luxury Cruise Specialist, participant must be affiliated with a CLIA member travel agency and have successfully completed the CLIA Accredited Cruise Counsellor Certification program. In addition, agents must complete or have already completed CLIA's "Selling to Special Interest/Niche Markets" and "Cruising – The Ultimate Incentive" courses, as well as the "Understanding the Luxury Market" online course. Course work must be completed within five years of enrollment in the program.

At only $35 for enrollment, the LCS Certification represents an outstanding value. More information and an application form are available on CLIA's Web site at Simply go to Agencies and Agents section, sign in, click on Luxury Cruise Specialist, print the application and mail it to CLIA, 910 SE 17th Street, Suite 400, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316-2968.

Featured Online Special for the Month of July

A special offer for the month of July – any three online courses for $90.00. And don't forget, if you purchase five online CLIA training courses at one time, and successfully complete them, you will earn a bonus of five credits toward Certification, for a total of 80 credits.

Are You Enrolled in or Have Attained any Level of CLIA Certification? Be sure to Update your Records Now! If you are enrolled in Certification or have attained any level of Certification, you must claim your course records and achievements. Don't hesitate; it's easier than ever to do with a three-step registration process:

  • Step 1: Visit to register for a new master account
  • Step 2: Then list as many personal logins from previous training courses as possible at the prompt "Claim My Old Record." Customer Support then takes over.
  • Step 3: Wait for email confirmation of your record merges and then you will have access, with a single login, to your entire training history.

CLIA is the recognized leader in travel agent education and delivered over 40,000 total training events in 2009. CLIA's Agent Training Program (local classroom training) and online training programs alone served over 11,000 agents in 2009, with 19,000 exams taken.

CLIA's training Comes To You!

CLIA's training programs come directly to you by way of scheduled classes and CLIA's Training By Request Program (when you gather 50 agents or more for training). View our calendar and find the next training classes in your area or call us at 754-224-2200 ext. 225 or 220.

CLIA Membership

Tips to Make Social Media Work for You. By Tom Ogg

It was less than two years ago when members of discovered that Facebook was rapidly becoming a venue for older, more affluent individuals seeking to engage social networking. Marketing pundits in the travel industry were quick to jump on the bandwagon advising agents to create business pages and invite their friends to become "fans" or "followers" to distribute travel specials to. While probably relevant then, today's social media requires a more sophisticated and soft touch approach. Here are some tips to make social media work for you:
  • Remember, its Social
    Don't make the mistake of jumping in with a business message right off the bat. If you join a niche group and your first post is something like "I am a Travel Agent. How can I help you?" expect to be banned immediately. Openly advertising is considered rude and opportunistic and will do much more harm than good. People participate in social media to socialize, not to be sold something.
  • Advertise to Promote Your Business
    No matter what your niche is, if you start a business page consider advertising to gain fans. Facebook, especially allows you to target very specific demographics for your ads and is very inexpensive. Never invite your friends to become "Fans". You not only risk the potential of being un-friended or hidden from view, you may damage your unique value proposition. How many "friends" have you dumped because they keep asking you to become a fan of this or that or join some group that is irrelevant to you?
  • Don't Over-Expose your Brand
    Nothing is mor e irritating than having multiple posts to your wall from casual acquaintances sending irrelevant messages and comments. The idea that if you put your brand out there enough that people will somehow think that you are the logical choice to book something with is a false hope.
  • Turn Prospective Social Media Contacts into Clients With CRM
    Just like when you get a referral, or a response to a Yellow Pages ad, or a print advertisement, or someone responding to an e-mail blast, e-newsletter or chat group post, put your new lead into your CRM process and turn it into as relationship. This is really what social media is all about. You get to meet old acquaintances, their friends, and others and turn them into new clients using the marketing techniques that we are all familiar with.

Don't You Love It When You Are Right? By Mike Marchev

The other day I picked up a magazine laying on my kitchen counter and begin to browse through the pages while having my first cup of morning "joe." was the name of the rag and I found myself stopping on page 120 as my eyes caught the word STRESS boldly printed above the author's name. is a magazine targeting women, and I should mention to my gentlemen readers that today's message is focused toward the female persuasion.

The article was written by a woman they apparently call M.J. Ryan and it was about getting ahead in business ... a subject that managed to grab my attention. I found myself reading the article with keen interest as if I had written it myself.

MJ wrote: "I've been working with people in all kinds of businesses for 10 years, and a hesitance to toot one's horn remains the number-one difference I observe between men and women." I have been sharing this thought with my audiences for years, and although I never positioned it as "The Numero Uno" difference, I do believe that men are better at promoting themselves ... and I say so without apology. (When it comes to differences however, I do believe I have a more interesting #1.) The article went on to offer advice on how women can be a little more assertive when shedding light on their accomplishments and contributions. The author cited three examples to help propel you forward. They included the importance of acquiring a mentor or coach to help champion your cause. She suggested that women should speak up in meetings a little more frequently, and she closed by recommending that you become more comfortable giving formal, on-your-feet presentations.

If I didn't know better I would have guessed that M.J. attended one of my marketing seminars and took copious notes before regurgitating my thoughts on this matter word for word. Don't you just love when others confirm your philosophies and personal thoughts on life? I know I do. (This may be a sign of insecurity, but I have found that a little validation here and there never hurts.)

In a nutshell, what good is it if you bury your meaningful accomplishments so that others cannot benefit from your abilities. It is nothing more than good advice for you to spread the good word far and wide. But first, you have to do something worth spreading. Then, let the marketplace know that you are able and capable of performing these admirable feats more than once. Don't think of it as bragging. Think of it more as your positive contribution toward the ongoing development of mankind.

Ladies, there is an "old boys" saying that might help get you into the proper frame of mind: "If you want to play with the big dogs, you have to learn to run with them." Your organizations and your markets need and appreciate what you do. Don't be scared to tell others as long as it is the truth. Your mother's early directive to be polite, quiet, kind, gentle and thoughtful was good advice at the time. These traits are still in vogue but you have graduated to the big leagues now, and it is time that you communicate your strengths and meaningful contributions to others.


CLIA Events

Check out CLIA's new Industry Events Calendar at All the information you need about all the events you need to know about!

cruise3sixty 2011

Register now for cruise3sixty 2011, April 14-17 in Fort Lauderdale at the Broward County Convention Center at Port Everglades. Over 500 CLIA Members already have!!! Don't get shut out as space is limited.

Early Bird rates start at only $109! For more information and registration, visit

Earn CLIA Credits at THETRADESHOW, September 12-14 in Orlando

Connecting sellers of travel with destinations and travel related companies to establish new business relationships, THETRADESHOW is a great way to earn credits for training seminars and workshops. CLIA's "Gold Standard" Training will once again be prominently featured. There will be five CLIA seminars and a total of 60 CLIA Certification credits available to delegates.

The newest element of the event is the e-Learning Center, which will offer you unlimited access to webinars of all 50+ educational seminars taught in Orlando. Register now with the Best Value Package and have access to the e-Learning Center as well as on-site perks. Can't make it to Orlando? Register now for the Virtual Package, which gives you unlimited access to all the educational seminars via the new e-learning center. Visit

Community Marketing's 11th International Conference on Gay & Lesbian Tourism

This unique educational and networking opportunity will be held at the beautifully renovated Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, October 24-26, 2010. Educational programs include a comprehensive orientation session to the market for newcomers, plus two full days of panel discussions and workshops about gay/lesbian independent travel, meetings and events; sales and marketing; keynotes about gay market demographics and trends; plus meals and fun social receptions. For more information and registration, visit Be sure to enter "clia2010" in the "Discount Code" box, for a $50 member discount.

12th Annual Luxury Travel Expo, December 7-9, Las Vegas

Produced by Luxury Travel Advisor and Travel Agent magazine, the twelfth annual Luxury Travel Expo remains the pre-eminent luxury-focused educational program. Advisors interested in attending at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino can expect to partake in the largest luxury travel tradeshow in North America. Advisors will leave the show being able to implement a solid plan to immediately increase bookings and earning potential. The 2010 conference program will feature over 25 sessions with the ability to earn 25 CLIA Certification Credits.

Mark Your Calendars!

World's Largest Cruise Night 2010 is October 13. Last year, this major promotion of cruising that is supported by all CLIA's member lines, generated more than $45 million in cruise vacation sales, resulting in almost $6 million in travel agent commissions. Think ahead, strategize, and make plans to turn WLCN 2010 into your most-profitable cruise promotion of the year.

CLIA Industry Focus

CLIA's Statement on the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

CLIA released the following statement last month: "As the Deepwater Horizon oil spill situation continues, Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) and its individual cruise line members expressed their deep concern and empathy for all those businesses and individuals negatively affected. All CLIA member cruises sailing from Gulf of Mexico and Florida ports are operating, with occasional and infrequent alternations of course depending on possible presence of oil in the water.

We are distressed by the environmental damage already caused and worried about ongoing harm to fragile ecosystems along America's Gulf and Florida coastlines. The cruise industry, like the Gulf fishing and tourism industries, is dependent on the ocean and coastal destinations for our livelihood and it is in our best interests to do whatever we can to help find solutions, recognizing that resolving this situation is largely beyond the industry's control. CLIA and its members continue to monitor the Deepwater Horizon oil spill situation. We are in regular contact with the U.S. Coast Guard and District Seven Command in Miami as well as ports and tourism entities throughout Florida. We are receiving federal government updates on the situation, specifically movement of the oil in tides and currents around the Gulf and in proximity to the Florida Coastline, the Keys and Caribbean. While the situation continues to evolve and change, and oil has been reported on some Florida beaches, at the current time no cruise operations are being negatively impacted.

CLIA joins with Visit Florida and other tourism organizations in the region to urge consumers and, in particular, its 16,000 travel agent members to make no changes in travel and vacation plans in Florida and the Gulf of Mexico region. Travelers booked on cruises in the region are encouraged to contact their individual cruise line or their travel agent for information relating to a specific cruise.

CLIA and its members will continue to provide updates on the situation in order to keep travel planners and consumers fully informed. Several websites are providing information as it develops. These include and the Visit Florida Travel Update page. In addition, the latest information can be obtained at and Visit Florida's Facebook page,

CLIA also offered a list of organizations for those who wish to make a contribution to oil spill clean up efforts:

CLIA Statement on Congressional Passage of the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act

CLIA released the following statement in response to the final Congressional passage of the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act, sponsored by Senator John Kerry (D-MA) Representative Doris Matsui (D-CA):

"The Cruise Lines International Association supports the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act passed by both chambers of Congress and now headed to the President for his signature. This new law would bring greater consistency and clarification to many industry practices and existing regulations, including a longstanding federal requirement to report to the FBI allegations of serious crimes occurring in U.S. waters or involving a U.S. national anywhere in the world. The legislation also establishes additional safety provisions.

"The safety and security of our guests and crew is CLIA's number one priority. The cruise industry has reported allegations of serious crimes to federal law enforcement agencies for many years and looks forward to continuing our longstanding work with the U.S. Coast Guard, FBI, and law enforcement both here and elsewhere around the world.

"The cruise industry has comprehensive policies and procedures that ensure guests are safe and secure while enjoying a cruise vacation. In fact, serious crime on cruise ships is rare, with millions of guests each year enjoying a safe cruise vacation."

Passport, Visa Fees Increased

The U.S. State Department raised the costs of visas, passports and other consular services on July 13, reflecting, according to government officials, a more realistic accounting for the true cost of providing these services.

Adult passports will now be $110—$35 more than the current price—plus a $25 execution fee, which goes to those handling the processing and customer interactions rather than the department. The cost for some visas will jump by even greater amount. An employment-based immigrant visa will cost $720, compared with the previous $355.

CLIA Cruise News

Independence Christened on 4th of July

American Cruise Line's newest ship, Independence, was christened by U.S. Sen. Susan Collins in Portland, Maine on the 4th of July. The 104-passenger vessel will spend the summer in Maine making seven-day voyages along the coast. In doing the honors, Collins described the ship as ship "a blend of respect for the past and a commitment to a vibrant future."

Carnival/Holland America Announce New Deployments

Carnival Cruise Lines recently announced several new deployments, including seven-day cruises to the Eastern Caribbean out of Tampa and Jacksonville in 2011 on the 2,124-passenger Carnival Legend and the 2,052-passenger Carnival Fascination. The company also is increasing capacity in New Orleans to pre-Katrina levels with the arrival of the 2,974-passenger Carnival Conquest and 2,052-passenger Carnival Ecstasy for year-round cruises beginning in late 2011. And, Carnival will homeport its newest vessel, the 3,960 passenger Carnival Magic, in Galveston beginning in November, 2011. In another "first," the company announced two 15-day roundtrip Hawaii sailings round-trip from Los Angeles and San Diego in 2011 and 2012.

Holland America Line will position the Zaandam in Australasia for 2011-2012, creating a two ship fleet in the region along with the Volendam. Zaandam's itineraries will include round-trip cruises from Sydney and 14-day voyages between Singapore or Kobe and Hong Kong.

MSC Names New Marketing Executive

MSC Cruises has named Barbara Muckermann to head up its corporate marketing office. An experienced professional with more than 15 years of experience in branding, communication, sales and marketing, she will be based in Geneva and be responsible for marketing and communications activities for the company.

Royal Picks New VP/Managing Director for UK

Dominic Paul is to become Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd's new vice president and managing director for the UK and Ireland. He is currently Chief Operating Officer at Heathrow's second biggest airline, BMI, and has served with British Airways, Go Fly and EasyJet.

Ambassadors Eliminates President's Position

The position of president will be discontinued in Windstar Cruises' corporate structure, according to Ambassadors International, with that Diane Moore leaving the company. Hans Birkholz, president and CEO of Ambassadors and CEO of Windstar Cruises, will lead the company.

Fleet News

CLIA Fleet News: Seabourn Sojourn

The Yachts of Seabourn's highly anticipated new yacht Seabourn Sojourn navigated the River Thames and arrived at London with the early morning sun on Friday, June 4, 2010. Built by the T. Mariotti shipyard in Genoa, Italy, Sojourn is the second of three new luxury cruising vessels joining Seabourn's fleet in three years, representing a 216 percent increase in capacity for the company.

The 225-suite yacht offers an extraordinary travel experience, notable for its relaxed, sociable ambiance and highly personalized, intuitive service by nearly one staff member per guest.

Sojourn also offers one of the highest space-per-guest ratio in the industry, accommodating no more than 450 guests in spacious, ocean-view suites, 90 percent of which have private verandas. Top of the range suites include Grand Wintergarden Suites, offering 1,403 square feet of indoor and outdoor space; two bedrooms and bathrooms; a private, glass-enclosed solarium with tub and daybed; dining for six; two bars; whirlpool and three flat-screen televisions. All suites feature separate living areas and bedrooms, writing desks with personalized stationery, iPod and MP3 connections and spacious granite bathrooms with separate bath and shower and twin sinks.

The largest spa on a luxury vessel, the two-deck Spa at Seabourn provides the ultimate pampering experience at sea. Exceptional new amenities in the 11,400-square-foot spa include a Kneipp Walk, an herbal bath facility and aroma steam bath with salt inhalation. For pure indulgence and relaxation, guests can reserve the canopied Spa Villa, with a whirlpool big enough for two, a private balcony for sunbathing, a double daybed and a full living room.

To satisfy gourmands, Sojourn offers culinary experiences in its four dining venues that rival the finest restaurants anywhere. Guests will savor five-star dining at The Restaurant, with menus created by celebrity chef Charlie Palmer, or enjoy innovative small-plates tasting menus at the avant-garde Restaurant 2. Both the indoor/outdoor Colonnade and casual poolside Patio Grill serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Guests can also enjoy meals from the Restaurant menu, served course by course in the comfort and privacy of their suite or on their veranda during extended service hours. The dining venues, as well as the six bars and lounges, serve a full range of beverages, including fine wines and spirits, with Seabourn's compliments.

Other highlights include two outdoor swimming pools, six outdoor whirlpools, and water sports from the unique fold-out marina. Located on the top deck is The Retreat, featuring a contoured nine-hole mini golf course, a giant chess board, shuffleboard and stargazing in the evening. On Deck 7 is Seabourn Square, an innovative "concierge lounge" with a library, upscale shops, outdoor terrace, computer center and coffee bar.

Sojourn has begun her maiden season from London, sailing 12- to 14-day voyages during the summer to the Baltic, Scandinavia, Russia, Norwegian Fjords, and Scotland, as well as several Mediterranean voyages in the fall. Following a 12-day transatlantic cruise, the yacht will operate a series of Caribbean voyages in the winter from Fort Lauderdale, Fla. On Jan. 5, 2011, Sojourn will embark on a world cruise from Los Angeles to London via the South Pacific, New Zealand, around Western Australia, Indonesia and Southeast Asia, India, Arabia and the Mediterranean.

Port Talk

Port of Los Angeles Welcomes Carnival Spirit for 2011 Mexico, Hawaii Voyages

The Port of Los Angeles has announced that Carnival Cruise Lines will return to the port in fall 2011 when the 2,124-passenger Carnival Spirit launches a series of five- and nine-day Mexican Riviera voyages.

"It's been eight years since Carnival Cruise Lines home-ported a ship at the World Cruise Center and we are extremely pleased to welcome them back to the Port of Los Angeles," said Port Executive Director Geraldine Knatz, Ph.D. "The additional Carnival ship calls help fuel regional tourism and benefit our local economy by generating jobs and revenue connected to ship services and retail sales."

Carnival Spirit's new Los-Angeles-based schedule will include 12 departures between September 2011 and January 2012. One of the departures will include a 15-day voyage from Los Angeles to Hawaii in December 2011. The namesake vessel in the line's Spirit-class, Carnival Spirit offers a range of facilities and features, including a two-level promenade lined with themed bars, lounges and nightspots, along with a 13,500-square-foot spa, indoor and outdoor promenades, and supervised programs for children in three age groups. Eighty percent of the ship's staterooms offer either an ocean view or private balcony. For more information, call 1-800-CARNIVAL or visit

Sea Princess earns Port of San Francisco Environmental Award

On June 21, 2010, Sea Princess received the Port of San Francisco's 2009 cruise ship environmental award, which is earned by exceeding existing environmental regulations and industry standards to achieve greater protection of the air and water quality of the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Port presented a plaque to Sea Princess Captain Martin Stenzel, and the on-board ceremony was attended by George Wright, Princess Cruises senior vice president of marine operations. Sea Princess is making 15 calls this year in the City by the Bay and is expected to be the first ship to plug into shore power when it available this fall at Pier 27.

CLIA Cruise Line Profiles

Crystal Cruises

With a winning formula for success, Crystal Cruises consistently ranks among the top luxury properties in the world. The line, in just 20 years, has won an unprecedented number of top awards. Grounded in more than a decade of accolades, Crystal has been voted World's Best by the readers of Travel + Leisure and Condé Nast Traveler more than any other cruise line, hotel or resort in history.

Crystal Cruises is the recipient of many of the travel industry's highest awards, including "World's Best Large-Ship Cruise Line" (1996-2009, consecutively) and "Best Large-Ship Cruise Line" (15 years total) in Travel and Leisure and Conde Nast Traveler surveys, respectively. Crystal Cruises has also made the Conde Nast Traveler "Gold List" for 12 consecutive years (1997-2009). Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity feature elegantly appointed staterooms (most with private verandahs), an unprecedented array of dining options (Italian and Asian alternative restaurants as well as casual dining in the Trident Bar on designated nights), award-winning entertainment, a lavish Crystal Spa and Salon adhering to Feng Shui principles, and extensive exercise and sports facilities and instruction.

Key Selling Points

  1. Crystal ships have consistently earned top awards.
  2. Crystal Cruises' affluent, multi-generational guests appreciate the renowned Crystal experience distinguished by classic service, abundant space, extensive choices, fine quality and attention to detail.
  3. Approximately 75 percent are from the United States and Canada and 25 percent are international, sophisticated travelers.
  4. More than half the ship's accommodations feature private verandas (85% on Crystal Serenity).
  5. Crystal's European hotel and dining staff are schooled in the fine art of genteel service.
  6. Crystal offers excellent value, competitive rates and group booking discounts.
  7. Creative Learning Institute offers enrichment classes with well-known partners.
  8. Cuisine by Nobu Matsuhisa and Piero Selvaggio's Valentino restaurant.

Phone Numbers

  • General Office: 310-785-9300
  • Brochures/General Information: 888-799-4625
  • Individual Reservations: 888-799-4625
  • Group Reservations: 310-203-4365
  • Incentive Sales: 310-203-4365
  • Air Arrangements: 866-446-6625
  • Guest Relations: 866-446-6625
  • Travel Agent Sales Support: 800-820-6663
  • Travel Agent Relations: 800-820-6663

Disney Cruise Line

From its inception, Disney Cruise Line was destined to be different. As the first owned and operated cruise line by the dream makers at Disney, Disney Cruise Line specifically designed its ships with areas and activities that appeal to the unique vacation needs of every member of the family. As a result, Disney Cruise Line vacations offer guests an unbelievable cruise experience not found anywhere else. In addition to offering seven-night cruise vacations to the Caribbean, Disney Cruise Line offers three and four-night itineraries to the Bahamas and pre or post options which include a stay at the Walt Disney World Resort. In 2010, Guests will be able to enjoy special cruises to Northern Europe and the Mediterranean.

Key Selling Points

  1. Castaway Cay - Disney's private Bahamian Island. The ship docks right at the island to let guests come and go as they please.
  2. Entertainment - Original Disney musicals, incredible deck parties, fireworks at sea, first run films (including 3D Digital Movies), time with Disney Characters and much more.
  3. Age-specific Activities - Including special programs for kids, teens and adults.
  4. Rotation dining - where guests, servers and tablemates rotate to a different dining experience nightly.
  5. Staterooms - Family-sized staterooms to stretch out.

Phone Numbers

  • General Office: 407-566-3500
  • Brochures/General Information: 888-325-2500
  • Individual Reservations: 888-325-2500
  • Charter Reservations: 407-566-4865
  • Group Reservations: 800-511-6333
  • Air Arrangements: 877-566-0967
  • Special Needs/Accessibility Passenger Services: 888-325-2500
  • Guest Relations: 888-325-2500
  • Travel Agent Sales Support: 800-939-8265
  • Travel Agent Relations: 407-566-6967

CLIA Member Line FAM & Education Opportunities

AMAWATERWAYS Offers Special FAM Rate

CLIA agents, you are invited to become a river cruise expert by taking advantage of the AMAWATERWAYS special FAM rate. Learn first-hand why AMAWATERWAYS is the award-winning industry leader with its fleet of luxurious new ships and complimentary amenities. For a limited time, CLIA agents can join one of the following sailings for the rate of $630* per person. Contact AMAWATERWAYS at 800-626-0126 or log on to for additional itinerary information.
  • Legendary Danube cruise from Nuremberg to Budapest on MS AMADOLCE Cruise Dates: 11/14/2010 to 11/21/2010
  • Romantic Christmas cruise from Vilshofen, Germany-Budapest on MS AMADOLCE Cruise Dates: 11/28/2010 to 12/5/2010

*Based on double occupancy in a Cat. E; Upgrades 50% off brochure fare; Port charge of $133 pp and Land program additional. Promotion is limited to availability and is not combinable with other offers. Visit for additional information about itineraries. Or call 800-626-0126.

Avalon Waterways Educational Programs for July 2010

Explore these great programs from Avalon Wateways. Everything you need is here from Webinar Training, archives and courses to cross sell your clients! Even 60%-70% discounts on specials for Travel Agents!
  • Avalon Waterways Specialist Program: Our Avalon Waterways Specialist Program requires you to participate in our 4-part Avalon Waterways Webinar Series plus complete 2 Travel University courses and watch our 2011 "Avalon Panorama" PreVIEW by December 31, 2010. Register or review the archived webinars at:
  • Webinar Training Program We offer several webinar opportunities each month. Whether you have 10 minutes or 90 minutes, we have designed our free webinar training program to offer something for everyone. Register today on the Travel Agent Portal,, or go to
  • Archived Webinars Our webinars are recorded and archived on our Travel Agent Portal, under the link "Webinar Training Program." They can be accessed 24-7 for your convenience!
  • Travel University Avalon Waterways River & Small Ship Cruising Updated for 2011! Complete our Avalon Waterways Travel University course to further your education and understanding of river cruising with Avalon Waterways and earn 5 CLIA credits! To access this course, logon to our Travel Agent Portal, and click on the link for Travel University.
  • Cross-Selling Your Cruise Clientele Complete our "Cross-selling to Your Cruise Clientele" course and take a look at several opportunities that are right under your nose! Explore the art of cross-selling with two options to share with your cruise clients: Avalon Waterways river cruising and Monograms independent vacation packages. To access this course, logon to our Travel Agent Portal, and click on the link for Travel University. (CLIA Credits Pending)
  • Special Savings for Travel Agents: Save 60% - 70% on Avalon Waterways River Cruises! To book, call 800.221.0090. For more information, call Inside Sales at 866.270.9850
    • 70% discount on:
      • Magnificent Europe, 15 days; Departing July 31; August 21; August 28, 2010
      • A Taste of the Danube, 4 days; Departing August 7, 2010
      • A Taste of the Danube, 5 days; Departing August 3, 2010
      • European Splendor, 13 days; Departing July 26; August 7, 2010
      • Paris to Normandy's Landing Beaches, 8 days; Departing August 2; August 9, 2010
    • 60% discount on:
      • The Blue Danube Discovery, 13 days; Departing August 8, 2010
      • Burgundy & Provence, 11 days; Departing August 1; August 15, 2010
      • Windmills, Vineyards & Paris, 13 days; Departing August 9, 2010
      • Windmills, Vineyards & Paris, 14 days; Departing July 31, 2010
      • Central European Experience, 12 days; Departing August 19; August 26, 2010
      • Black Sea Discovery, 11 days; Departing July 29; August 6, 2010
      • Blue Danube to the Black Sea, 13 days; Departing August 17, 2010

Become a graduate of CCL University!!

We are pleased to offer you an amazing opportunity to participate in a variety of training events including "Funtastic" Fam Weekends, VIP shipboard luncheons and Executive Conferences! These popular events provide a fun way to learn about the innovative features and amazing amenities on Carnival ships as well as a chance to learn about new sales programs and the hottest selling tips.

These events will count toward your CCL University graduate degrees and CLIA Cruise Counselor Certification. Space is limited so take a look at all of these great programs and register today!

"Fun For All" Weekend Events: May – July 2010
Galveston, TX Long Beach, CA Miami, FL
August. 20-22 July 24-26 August 13-16 October 22-25
  August 28-30 September 24-27 November 5-8
  October 23-25 October 15-18  
New Orleans, LA Baltimore, MD Tampa, FL Orlando, FL
August 6-8 August 13-15 July 30-August 1 August 6-8
  October 15-17 August 27-29 September 10-12
    September 10-12  
    November 5-7  
Executive Conferences:
October 13-15
VIP Shipboard Luncheons

Galveston, TX
September 12 – Carnival Conquest
November 7 – Carnival Conquest
November 18 – Carnival Ecstacy

Mobile, AL - Carnival Elation
August 14
September 25
Nobember 6

Charleston, SC – Carnival Fantasy
August 9, 2010
October 4, 2010
November 15, 2010

New Orleans, LA – Carnival Triumph
July 24, 2010
October 2, 2010
October 30, 2010
November 13, 2010

Jacksonville, FL - Carnival Fascination
August 12, 2010
September 9, 2010
September 18, 2010
October 7, 2010
October 25, 2010
November 13, 2010

Miami, FL
August 14, 2010 – Carnival Liberty
August 15, 2010 – Carnival Valor
September 25, 2010 – Carnival Destiny
September 27, 2010 – Carnival Imagination
October 18, 2010 – Carnival Imagination
October 23, 2010 – Carnival Destiny
October 24, 2010 – Carnival Valor
November 6, 2010 – Carnival Destiny
November 7, 2010 – Carnival Valor

Tampa, FL
September 11, 2010 – Carnival Inspiration
Portland, ME – Carnival Glory
September 27, 2010

Long Beach, CA
August 29, 2010 – Carnival Splendor October 3, 2010 – Carnival Splendor October 15, 2010 – Carnival Paradise October 24, 2010 – Carnival Splendor
November 6, 2010 – Carnival Destiny November 7, 2010 – Carnival Valor

Port Everglades, FL – Carnival Freedom
October 17, 2010

Register today before these popular events are sold out. You will find all the details on Carnival's "Funtastic" Fam Weekends, two-day Executive Conferences and VIP luncheons on the CCLU Grad School site.

Opportunities to Experience Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Lines offers myriad opportunities for travel partners to visit our ships and experience our onboard product. Two programs are being offered in 2010:
  • PhD@Sea gives travel partners the opportunity to sail in a balcony stateroom, with a guest, at a greatly reduced rate, as well as earn CLIA credits, experience Freestyle Dining and peek behind-the-scenes and meet the ship's crew. Hosted by representatives from CLIA and NCL, the PhD@Sea program is open to travel partners who are Freestyle Certified as part of NCL's online education program, NCL U. To become Freestyle Certified agents should register and take all the requisite courses by visiting
  • NCL's Let's Do Lunch program offers travel partners the opportunity to visit Norwegian Cruise Line ships while in port, enjoying a tour, presentation and lunch onboard. The Let's Do Lunch program is offered to any student registered in NCL U. In 2010 NCL will host 4000 travel partners as part of this program. To register and begin taking courses to qualify for Let's Do Lunch, agents may begin by visiting

Paul Gauguin FAM Opportunity

Paul Gauguin Cruises is offering CLIA Members a Familiarization opportunity. The July 31, 2010 departure of Tahiti and Society Islands 7 night cruise and our August 24, 2010 departure of Cook Islands and Society Islands 11 night cruise. Take advantage of this luxurious way to experience the South Pacific! To apply, please click here.

Reduced Rate travel is offered approximately 30 – 14 days prior to sailing. Requests that are confirmed will have 48 hours to respond, accepting the offer and providing a credit card for payment. Please refrain from contacting our General Reservations Department as they will not be able to assist or direct your call.

Reduced rate travel is offered on a cruise only basis; is non-commissionable and subject to availability. Staterooms are sold on a guarantee status with cabin assignments made approximately 5 – 10 days prior to sailing. Cabins will be assigned at the discretion of Paul Gauguin Cruises. Rates are offered at $175 per person per day for non-balcony stateroom and balcony staterooms at $275 per person per day plus government fees & taxes. An additional 10% will be applied to all single bookings. A $100 per booking cancellation fee may apply. Air is not included however it can be requested at net rates through Paul Gauguin Cruises. You will be notified by email once your request has been confirmed / declined.


Please send to the attention of the Reduced Rate Department, Fax: (425) 440- 6186 or scan and email to

CLIA Partners

American Express OPEN

American Express OPENSM is dedicated exclusively to the success of small business owners and their companies. With tailored products and services, the team delivers purchasing power, flexibility, control and rewards to help customers run their businesses.

Business Cardmembers can leverage an enhanced set of products, robust on-line account management capabilities, and automatic savings from an expanded lineup of air, lodging and other business partners., an example of the resources OPEN provides, is an on-line portal that offers insights from expert business owners as well as opportunities for networking with other entrepreneurs.

To obtain more information about OPEN, visit, or call 1-800-NOW-OPEN to apply for a Card. Terms and conditions apply.

British Columbia - Pre/Post Cruise Options – Victoria

Victoria, British Columbia's provincial capital, is an easy three-hour trip by road and ferry, or an exhilarating half-hour floatplane flight from Vancouver. It's one of BC's prettiest and most visited towns, boasting the mildest climate in Canada: it rarely snows here and flowers typically bloom in February.

Victoria has clung steadfastly to its British roots. Afternoon tea is served at the Empress Hotel, as it has been daily since 1908; antique, tweed and sweet shops abound, as do pubs, gardens, red phone boxes, and even double-decker buses. Its setting at the southern tip of Vancouver Island, is sublime. The city centre, with its stately Edwardian architecture, surrounds the Inner Harbour. Street entertainers play along the causeway in the summer and flower baskets hang from the lampposts. The mountains of Washington State, across the Juan de Fuca Strait, form a backdrop and, come evening, the Parliament Buildings are lit with 3,333 tiny lights.

Starwood's 2010 Book and Win BIG promotion

In 2010, each month Starwood is giving away 50,000 Starpoints, five land based vacations at Starwood resorts in North America. Also, there will be a grand prize of 1 million Starpoints to a random travel professional winner at year's end. To submit a booking and a chance to win one of the great prizes, travel professionals can log on to

Custom-tailored solutions for you and your needs

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Is your business ready for an upgrade to Windows 7 Professional and a more efficient computing environment? If yes, your old PC may qualify for cash back – up to $150 – when you upgrade to a new PC from the HP CLIA member store.1 HP accepts any product and any brand and will cover the cost to ship your old equipment back. Use your member pricing and upgrade to Windows 7 Professional today!

Learn more at the CLIA HP member store at or call HP directly at 1-888-202-4465. Remember to use code CLIA to receive your member discounts and free ground shipping!2

  1. Offer valid until October 31, 2010. The average estimated trade-in value for notebooks was $100 each. The estimated trade-in value was calculated as an average of all notebook trade-in values through the HP Trade-in program from August 2009 to October 2009. To obtain a trade-in quote, visit
  2. All orders must be billed and shipped to a U.S. address. Some restrictions apply.

Special Needs Group Wins Corporate Social Responsibility Award

Special Needs Group Inc., ( a leader in providing special needs equipment to travelers worldwide, was honored as the winner of the 2010 Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year "Stevie", part of the nationwide 2010 American Business Awards. The awards were presented during ceremonies at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York City on Monday evening June 21. "Stevie" is from the Greek word for "crowned." The award was given for strong advocacy for the disabled and for helping thousands of individuals each year enjoy barrier-free travel.

Special Needs Group provides an essential resource for wheelchairs, motorized scooters, power chairs, oxygen equipment, battery-powered concentrators, patient lifts, baby cribs, hospital beds and other mobility aides for men, women and children, including beach/sand wheelchairs. The company delivers directly to hotels, cruise ships, resorts, convention centers and other venues worldwide. Services are customized, and everyone can be accommodated, from infants to individuals weighing over 500 pounds.