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The following is a sample of some of the benefits available to CLIA Agency and Agent Members. Click any category for more information.

CLIA Photo ID Card

Get the recognition you deserve and qualify for reduced travel rates. Details...

Travel Industry Supplier Benefits

Your CLIA Agency ID# and CLIA Photo ID Card Qualify You to Receive Commissions and Travel Benefits from Cruise, Hotel, Car Rental, Airlines, and Air Consolidation Companies. Details...

Preferred Partner Benefits

A broad array of Products and Services that will enable you to be more effective, efficient and, most of all, more profitable. Details...

Member Cruise Line Benefits & Training

Many member cruise lines of CLIA feature independent product training, product specialist designations and Travel Agent Academies. Details...

CLIA Webinar Series

You'll hear about sales techniques, product enhancements, new itineraries, the latest promotions, more. Details...
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Agency Membership

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Joining CLIA as an Agency provides numerous benefits, including increased recognition, business building tools, CLIA Certification and Education, promotional tools and extra bonus opportunities. Agency Membership is ideal for the following:
  • "Store-Front" retail travel agencies
  • Home-based travel agencies
  • Host agencies
  • Non-hosted independent travel sellers

Agent Membership (with host CLIA Agency)

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CLIA Agent Membership gives you the sales tools and resources you need to increase sales and bring in higher profits. If your travel agency is a CLIA Member, Agent Membership is available for:
  • Hosted travel agents
  • Outside sales agents
  • Agency employees
  • Cruise specialists